35: Sales Autopsy – Interview with Dan Seidman

Sales Training Expert and Bestselling Author

Barrington, IL

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The practical importance of creating an emotional context for the buying decision.
  • How taking initiative with ASTD led to writing a much-needed book that helps both the sales industry as well as his career.
  • The importance of attending to language in sales conversations and elsewhere.
  • Top objections can be anticipated and prepared for to allow you to be more confident.
  • Why top sales pros can predict the future.

Expert Bio

Dan Seidman is a speaker and trainer on influence for leaders, managers, and sales professionals who has been selected as one of the “Top 12 Sales Coaches in America” by Ultimate Selling Power. His mission for the next ten years is to help companies redesign existing sales training to include the latest best-practices on persuasion, based on his new book, The Ultimate Sales Training Book, a 600-page encyclopedia of best-practices and the latest influence strategies for sales training.

He is also the author of The Secret Language of Influence and of the #1 business bestseller Sales Autopsy, which reveals the top seven ways world class sales professionals distinguish themselves from everyone else who sells. His business humor columns reach over one and a half million readers a month both online and in print.

Dan likes to win outside of sales, too: he’s a three-time gold medalist with the World Master’s U.S. basketball team.

For more information, visit Dan’s website.

Contact Info for Dan Seidman

Business Phone: 847-359-7860

Web address: GotInfluenceInc.com

Web address: SalesAutopsy.com

Travels From: Chicago, IL

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