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161: Sell with Authority – Interview with Mike Saunders

Positioning Authority Coach at Marketing Huddle

Authority Positioning Coach Mike Saunders talks with Bill Ringle on My Quest for the Best about marketing huddles, learning from failure, and the phenomenon of creating “Done for You” assets.

Key points that you’ll learn from this interview:
  • Why strong companies don’t eliminate marketing completely when times get tough.
  • How having authority assets distinguishes you from your competitors
  • The importance of regular “marketing huddles.”
  • The biggest takeaway from failure.
  • What it means to have Authority Positioning.

Interview Insights

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1:12 How the 2008 economic crisis was the impetus for Saunders to get his MBA in Marketing, and eventually form his marketing firm Marketing Huddle.

2:00 [On keeping the marketing budget in tough times] – “They would keep that momentum going knowing that their competitors were cutting back and they would gain that market share.”

2:05 “For the last 9 years I’ve focused on helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants with their marketing with some real cutting edge marketing strategy.”

2:30 How Authority Positioning will grant you the distance you need between you and your competitors.

3:19 [On the term Huddle] – “A lot of times in business consulting you’ll see them recommend ‘Do a daily huddle, do a weekly huddle, get your team to come together to talk about what’s working, what’s not.”

5:05 [On Daymond John] – “He wants to see the people who have failed so he can learn from the failures.”

5:13 “Most of the time you hear that phrase, you win or you…and people are like ‘yeah yeah yeah, lose, win or you lose!’ No, you win or your learn.”

5:40 “If it doesn’t turn out the way you want it, take those lessons, move on to the next iteration of that plan and move on to build from that.”

6:40 You have to be wired to be an entrepreneur, otherwise you’ll run for the hills at the first setback.

7:20 “You need to have the strategy before the tactics because if you just start throwing tactics out there without a strategy then you’re really going in multiple directions.”

7:40 Points out the importance of Steven Covey’s phrase, “Begin with the end in mind.”

8:16 [The biggest takeaway] – “Maybe there was a small level of success, well let’s just do it again but do it a tiny bit better, or a little bit longer, or align with the right strategic alliances.”

8:55 “I don’t think anyone starts a business and has this consistent trajectory upward, there’s going to be those ups and downs.”

9:41 “The problem came where I was trying to be too many things to too many types of people, and I was never an expert in one specific thing.”

10:16 [On Writing Authority Selling] – “Everybody’s doing good content on social media, good content on a blog post, but not many people are out there writing a book.”

11:43 How writing his first book on business social media led him to find more opportunities.

11:57 “It was at that point I realized that if I had just given a two minute elevator speech about how people should do social media differently, it would’ve gone in one ear and out the other.”

13:32 [On being an influencer] – “We don’t have superstar celebrity movie star status, but guess what we do have. We have a message and we have some expertise that we are really good at in what we do for our customers and our clients.”

14:05 “A marketing consultant does a lot of things, but an authority positioning coach, now that’s interesting, how can that help me?”

14:30 “We all are selling, but when you can sell from the position of expertise and authority, your ideas will land that much better.”

15:50 “Having a position of authority helps you to sell or promote your business and your ideas from a whole different mindset than your competitors.”

17:21 How a graphic designer used Saunder’s Authority Positioning Model to differentiate himself. “I helped him become an Amazon bestselling author without writing a word.”

18:41 The importance of having long term authority positioning assets.

19:26 “Your prospects are googling your name and your brand, because maybe they were introduced to your name by a friend.”

21:59 “The ‘done for you’ model is so viable because people these days want something done for them, handed to them, and quickly without a lot of hassle.”

23:40 “There’s a disconnect between your head and your hands.”

25:16 [On establishing authority positioning] – “You gotta start small.”

27:00 5 Question Round

30:55 “Building your authority is your number 1 priority.”

Expert Bio

As the Authority Positioning Coach, I help entrepreneurs break out of obscurity by amplifying their hidden expertise to a position of status & prestige to become THE go-to Authority & Expert in their industry. The Authority Positioning Coach is a Boutique Marketing Agency providing “Done-for-You” Authority Positioning Packages to elevate your brand to a position of status and prestige.

I am the author of Amazon Bestselling book, Authority Selling™, contributor to The Huffington Post, Adjunct Marketing Professor at several Universities and member of the Forbes Coaches Council – an invitation-only community for the World’s Most Influential Business Coaches.

For more information on Mike Saunders, visit Marketing Huddle. 

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libby gill

58: You Unstuck – Featured Interview with Libby Gill

Bestselling Author, Brand Strategist, and Executive Coach

Los Angeles, CA

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The one behavior to change that so many business people get trapped by
  • How two clients with similar backgrounds and challenges but drastically different results inspired You Unstuck
  • The differences in risk perception between business owners and business workers
  • What steps were taken to improve visibility through keynote speaking
  • The vital importance of delegating (and what idea to adopt to master this area)

Interview Insights

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1:30 Gill describes her early years doing odd jobs, including being a hand model for Fancy Feast cat food, before working in the television industry.

2:17 “I want to be where the decisions are being made, where I have more control over my career.”

2:40 “In 5 years I went from being the assistant in this little PR department in this production company to being head of publicity, advertising, and promotion for 5 divisions of Sony.”

2:51 “Raise your hand and figure it out later.”

3:20 “Chaos breeds a lot of opportunity.”

3:51 Gill discusses her chaotic youth and the journey she took to regain her confidence.

4:29 “Who we are is still inside, and if we can stay in touch with that, and kind of fan that little flame, then we get back to who we really are.”

4:57 Gill recounts how she started her own business, and how she picked up on how some people were ready to grow their business and embrace change, and others just weren’t there yet.

6:12 “I wrote You Unstuck to look at all the ways I had worked with clients with clients and all the things that I had observed that helped people accelerate change.”

7:21 How being a health columnist led to Gill developing a fascination with human psychology.

8:34 “In the entrepreneurial world, not only are you in charge of fixing the copy maker or whatever else comes up in your day, but your pipeline, and your payroll, and your cash flow are dumped at your doorstep.”

9:25 “You better pick up the phone and start calling people and prospecting and figuring out how to get the greatest value to your clients or your business will soon be gone.”

10:40 “How much time do you market vs. how much time do you service your clients?”

11:10 “When you have the luxury and the freedom to pick the projects and the people that you work with and you get to work with the good guys of the world, it’s quite thrilling.”

12:03 How working in television taught Gill to work fast and think fast and how to thrive on pressure.

13:27 [On why so few people take strides to hold themselves accountable] – It’s common sense, but it’s just not common practice.”

15:11 “How do you add that leverage? How do you add a layer that you’ve never done before, whether it’s putting yourself on the line, bringing an accountability partner, a coach, someone into the mix, adding systems…”

16:15 “I’ll often back into a deadline. I’ll commit to something without really having it quite together yet but knowing if I commit to doing this thing, this project in 6 weeks, 2 months, or a year from now, I’m going to get there.”

16:49 The importance of adding short deadlines for productivity.

17:34 “We all get stuck in something at one time or another.”

17:43 “If you’re not stuck at some point, you’re not taking enough risks, you’re not challenging yourself at a high enough level.”

18:55 “While it’s much easier to solve other people’s business problems or branding dilemmas, it can be very hard to look at yourself at a level of objectivity and scrutiny that you need the outside world to give you.”

19:20 “Honesty with affection and well-meaning behind it is really a wonderful thing.”

20:22 [Paraphrasing Gloria Steinham] – “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

21:17 “We need to find ways to make our message sing, to make our websites jump off the page. In a world where we’ve got four seconds to capture somebody’s attention, how do we do that?”

23:14 Gill explains why you don’t have to do everything yourself.

24:26 Why you should frequently ask yourself the question, what am i doing that somebody else could be doing?

25:04 Why delegating is essential to keep yourself from stifling your own growth.

26:22 How to use think-time to recharge.

27:25 Where entrepreneurs most need the help and the push.

28:32 How Gill was incremental in Dr. Phil’s rise to fame.

29:05 “Don’t undervalue yourself, and articulate the expertise that you bring and own that expertise.”

30:22 Capture the Mindshare

Expert Bio

Libby Gill is an internationally respected executive coach, brand strategist and bestselling author whose clients include Nike, Disney-ABC, Comcast, and many other Fortune 500 companies. An entertainment industry veteran, Libby spent fifteen years heading public relations and corporate communications as senior vice president at Universal Studios; and vice president at Sony Pictures Entertainment and Turner Broadcasting. She was also the PR/branding brain behind the launch of the Dr. Phil Show.

Libby’s new bestseller, YOU UNSTUCK: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking in Work and Life, recently won an Independent Publishers Award. She has shared her success strategies with the Today Show, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and many more.

For more information, visit Libby’s website.

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Business Phone: 310-215-0222

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