276: Insider secrets from a top sales trainer on how to negotiate for success with guest expert Clint Babcock

Clint Babcock, author of NEGOTIATING FROM THE INSIDE OUT: A Playbook For Business Success

Clint Babcock and Bill Ringle discuss raising your game as a negotiator for small business leaders.

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Interview Insight

Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • Deciding that you want to step up to the next level to do more business or go in a different direction is the starting point.
  • Business leaders and sales negotiators take responsibility for hitting their numbers and all other aspects of their business.
  • Consider how both you and the opposing party view the reason you’re negotiating and what each of you seek from it.

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • Clint talks about his football coach, Chuck Ballman, who taught his players about work ethic. [1:24]
  • What led him to the sales side of the business. [3:23]
  • Clint discusses his experience in negotiating with a bank that was in arrears with his training company at the time. [5:46] 
  • The characteristics of the amateur, tactical, and strategic negotiator. [8:39]
  • Anyone can be a better negotiator. [12:42]
  • The drama triangle is explained and illustrated with examples. [14:30]
  • How to become a strategic negotiator. [19:01]
  • Clint shares his experience with giving concessions to the other party. [23:58]
  • How to plan for competitive negotiations and cooperative negotiations. [27:48]
  • Building trust and relationships in business. [29:30]
  • My Quest for the Best Lightning Round begins [32:18]

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Expert Bio

With over 25 years of sales, leadership, and negotiation experience, Clint Babcock has worked with senior executives at companies in a wide range of industries to help them strategically build their sales forces. He has a degree in finance from the University of Central Florida and takes pride in keeping himself, his clients, and his student’s numbers focused. He works with business owners and sales teams in various industries such as technology, manufacturing, professional services, financial, medical, and non-profit. Because of his involvement with sales teams and companies that were always struggling to find good salespeople, in 2006 he started ImproveU sales and management recruiting services. He’s been involved in sales at various levels as he served as Vice President of National Sales, General Manager, and Sales Manager in the Eastern United States for a technology training and soft skills education organization. 

A Sandler-certified trainer, he has helped hundreds of sales teams and thousands of salespeople to improve performance and retain margin. Babcock’s career background includes top performances in sales, negotiating, business development, operations, and training and development. Clint Babcock has directed, hired, and trained inside and outside sales teams for small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies.

Contact Info for Clint Babcock

Web address: Clint’s home page

Travels from: New Port Richey, Florida

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Negotiating from the Inside Out: A Playbook for Business Success by Clint Babcock

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