236: The causes of and cures for a toxic workplace with guest expert Dr. Paul White

Paul White, author of Rising Above a Toxic Workplace

Paul White and Bill Ringle discuss the causes of and cures for a toxic workplace for small business leaders.

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Top 3 Takeaways from this Interview

  • Look out for 3 key signals of a toxic workplace: 1) a sick system characterized by disorganization and chaos, lack of communication, lack of accountability, and poor decision-making processes, 2) toxic leaders, and 3) dysfunctional colleagues.
  • An initial sign of a dysfunctional workplace is that there are significant problems in communication.
  • A toxic work environment exudes negative communication across the organization and in multiple forms.

Interview Insights

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

  • ​Paul tells about his target audience and inspiration for his new book, “Rising Above a Toxic Workplace.” [1:38]
  • What’s your observation on how a negative work environment occurs? [2:28]
  • An innocuous way to use indirect communication [04:28]
  • How to ask for feedback effectively [06:42]
  • Paul talks about workplace culture as an internal component in an organization [09:46]
  • Respond consciously rather than just responding emotionally [10:33]
  • Paul advises on how to better handle small-family owned businesses [12:21]
  • Face cynicism in the workplace [16:27]
  • Rules to help establish that level of fundamental trust and respect at work [18:05]
  • Paul shares strategies for more effective and accurate way to provide feedback [19:58]
  • The #1 skill related to “Rising Above a Toxic Workplace,” that listeners ought to invest time in learning [25:05]
  • Paul stresses a key aspect of surviving a toxic workplace [28:20]

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Expert Bio

Dr. Paul White is an author, speaker and psychologist, who helps “make work relationships work.”

He is the coauthor of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace with Dr. Gary Chapman and his book, The Vibrant Workplace, had been released in April 2017.

He created and developed The Motivating By Appreciation InventoryAppreciation at Work Implementation Kit, and The Toxic Workplace Prevention & Repair Kit that helped many workplaces to become an environment full with positivism and grow towards health.

He also co-authored Rising Above a Toxic Workplace and “Sync or Swim” with Dr. Chapman & Harold Myra.

Dr. White is called upon as an expert resource by U.S. News & World Report (online), BusinessWeekEntrepreneur.comFastCompanyFortune/CNN.comFoxBusiness.comHuffington Post LIVEChicago Tribune, and BizJournals.

Contact Info for Paul White

Web address: https://www.appreciationatwork.com/

Travels from: Wichita, KS

Social  Media Links:

​Books Authored by Paul White

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace Rising Above a Toxic Workplace The Vibrant Workplace Making Things Right at Work by Paul White

Resources Mentioned During the Interview

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