209: How To Coach Yourself And Others To Get Business Results – Interview with Elizabeth Dickinson

Elizabeth Dickinson –  Author and Coach

Elizabeth and Bill Ringle discuss how to coach yourself and others to get business results.

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Top Take-Aways from this Interview

  • Active listening creates the space for managers and staff to work better.
  • Accountability has been used too often to shift blame rather than create positive business results and it is time that we reclaimed that tool and message in our businesses.
  • If you don’t expect resistance to change, such as in a feedback 1:1, you are less likely to create that resistance in your interaction. Too often, we create what we are hoping to avoid by putting attention on an undesirable aspect of our communications.

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Expert Bio

Elizabeth Dickinson is a life coach, speaker/presenter, and writer who has coached/presented in over 40 for-profit and nonprofit organizations, including Land O’Lakes and Performance Excellence Network. She is the author of “The Concise Coaching Handbook: How To Coach Yourself and Others To Get Business Results.” She earned her B.Ed. Honours degree from Cambridge University and her M.A. in Psychology from Lesley University. Her life coaching certification is from the Adler Graduate School. As a former board member of the Minnesota Chapter of the International Coach Federation, she initiated the Prism award recognizing organizational coaching excellence at Barr Engineering, Cargill, Pepsi and nonprofits including Better Futures Minnesota and Pregnancy Choices.She lives in St. Paul with her husband  in a 1911 home with solar panels.Visit her website to find out more.

Contact Info

Web address: www.pursueyourpath.com

Travels from: Saint Paul, MN

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