208: Finding the Flow State with Dashama

Dashama – Speaker, Author, and Yoga Teacher

Dashama and Bill Ringle discuss how she was able to create a global following by making well crafted videos to build a worldwide community.

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Top Take-Aways from this Interview

  • How Dashama’s humanitarian nature and difficult upbringing led her to create a worldwide community.
  • Dashama was one of the early YouTube channels and used good timing and content to build a wide viewership of over a million followers.
  • The benefits of using yoga to improve the mind, body, and soul.
  • How using video can be such a critical tool for your brand because of how it can add value to your client’s lives.

Interview Insights

Read the Show Notes from this Episode

2:03 How Dashama’s running coach taught her about where success really comes from and the importance of meditation and visualization. 4:09 On the significance of books and reading about people through books – “I always thought ‘These people are my friends!’”4:36 “It took a lot of courage to go the route that I went, to create communities.” 6:20 The courage of Anne Frank and how that inspired Dashama 7:17 “Even as a young person, I always knew that I came here to help humanity.” 8:46 “I can look back now and see how everything was preparing me for who I am today, but there was no person who was shaping that or helping me along at all.” 10:20 How Dashama came to start creating yoga videos and develop a worldwide community. 10:50 “He uploaded the first video and I didn’t do anything for about a year, I didn’t know anything about Youtube.” 12:25 The movement of 30 day challenges 13:10 “The 30 day yoga challenge was to build community, but the first video was really to add value to their lives.” 14:01 “How do I get people to have results? Well, a lot of people are motivated by incentives.” 15:15 “I’m a cheerleader. I’m going to cheer you on even if you’re trying.” 16:30 Yoga tips for humans who spend a lot of time sitting at desks. 18:33 How yoga is capable of transcending religious and national boundaries. – “Yoga is just phenomenally good for your health, beneficial, and positive and it can be done in a context that has no religious affiliation.” 20:42 “If you keep a light heart, anything can be enjoyable if you breathe and relax.” 24:07 “Everyone’s life goal is to be happy.” 24:20 “The happiness comes from inside, it has nothing to do with an external attainment.” 26:45 My Quest for the Best Lighting Round

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Expert Bio

Dashama is an award winning international happiness expert, author, speaker, life and business strategist with a thriving global community of over 300,000 health conscious spiritual entrepreneurs, change makers and seekers on the path.

She has spoken at the United Nations, Sony Motion Picture Studios, University of Virginia, Warwick Business School in UK and collaborated with Harvard Medical Professor Dr Sat Bir Khalsa.

An international media favorite, she has been featured in such diverse places as the Wall Street Journal, Times of India, Vogue Arabia, Cosmopolitan Germany, Teen Vogue, Men’s Journal, Oprah Winfrey Network, ABC news, and the Discovery Channel Seeker Stories. She has worked with and/or been sponsored by Fortune 500 brands such as Nike, GoPro, Cadillac and Banyan Tree Resorts. 

Dashama written 5 books and has starred in and produced 32 yoga, mediation and health related instructional DVDs, numerous online and offline training courses, certification programs.

Dashama travels the world spreading the message that anyone can transform their life and create the life of their dreams. In her free webinar she reveals her personal business success blueprint including how she built her international brands to over $2 million in revenues and she shows you how you can too.

Learn more about the Oneness Movement #Om4Oceans campaign to solve the United Nations Global Goals at om4oceans.org.

For more about Dashama, visit her website.

Special course available for free for My Quest for the Best subscribers:  dashama.com/mba.

Contact Info for Dashama

Web address: www.dashama.com

Travels from: Hawaii

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