Month: February 2012

17: Greater than Yourself – Interview with Steve Farber

steve farber

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How you need to reflect on your experience and abilities to identify where you can make a valuable contribution
  • Position isn’t a requirement to express, exert, or exude leadership
  • The LEAP framework for extreme leadership
  • What makes a great leader can be cultivated
  • The micro-organizational level of leadership is where immediate changes can be noticed
  • How extreme leadership occurs in business, education, and across all industries

Steve Farber talks with Bill Ringle about the characteristics and behaviors that allow anyone to become an extreme leader.

16: Igniting Performance – Interview with Michael Hoffman

michael hoffman

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How the careful choice of language creates mental hooks that carry learning forward
  • The benefits of living “on purpose”
  • The bank case study that highlights the importance of simple actions that help your team connect with customers 

Michael Hoffman talks with Bill Ringle about the philosophy of “on purpose” behavior in business.

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