187: How Women Rise with guest expert Sally Helgesen

Sally Helgesen, author of How Women Rise

Sally Helgesen and Bill Ringle discuss how women rise in business settings by finding their voice and engaging their power.

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Top takeaways from this interview:

  • Habits are behaviors you can control, so focus on making concrete changes that make a difference in how people treat you.
  • The 4-part change process explained so that it is no longer a mystery or secret. Women and men who lead at work benefit from knowing these steps.
  • By enlisting the help of your colleagues and friends, you benefit from their support, feedback, and upgraded perception of you.

Show Notes

  • 2:25 “I was inspired by the nuns of the school I went to.”
  • 3:29 How one particular nun, sister Mary Lawrence
  • 4:52 “These days my work is inspired by the women and increasingly the men in the audiences that I speak to.”
  • 5:59 Why people hire Sally to speak. “Number 1 they’re struggling to develop their women leaders so they can move into much more senior positions…”
  • 7:10 “I think there’s ever more recognition that engagement is key.”
  • 7:39 On the global employee engagement survey. “What they discovered was that not just did people feel engaged or disengaged, they based on whether or not their voice was heard or actively heard by their immediate supervisor.”
  • 8:15 “Engagement is correlated to safety. “
  • 8:31 “What they needed to adopt into their culture was the ability to translate the message that employee engagement and inclusion were important down from the most senior level, where there was big buy-in about it, to the level of supervisory or on-site.”
  • 9:52 “The most powerful way to create a career path that is satisfying, engaging, and rewarding and sustainable over time is to look at what you can control, what lies within your control. What lies within your control is going to be your own habits and behavior.”
  • 10:40 “It’s very common that behaviors that serve you well early in your career can restrict you later on.”
  • 12:50 “Women are often, for very good reasons, reluctant to use the “I” voice when claiming their achievements. Women can be proactively trying to ward off the charge of being ambitious, aggressive, or ‘all about myself’ for things that men would never be tagged as overambitious for saying.”
  • 15:35 How to articulate the exact skills of what you brought to the table, rather than deflecting the credit to avoid looking overambitious.
  • 17:26 The Change template 
  • 17:46 The Change template Step 1 – “Start with one behavior that you can clearly begin to address.”
  • 17:49 The Change template Step 2 – “Enlist other people as allies.”
  • 18:41 The Change template Step  3 – “Let go of self-judgment.”
  • 20:13 “I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’ve never heard anyone say ‘I work for a perfectionistic boss and I love it.’”
  • 21:40 “Leading your organization and leading it well gives you a platform for being a leader in your industry or sector or in your community as well.”
  • 22:33 “Putting yourself out there and testing your own ultimate capacity for exerting leadership in a variety of venues is always going to be a benefit to you as a leader.”
  • 23:46 Why you shouldn’t expect people to spontaneously acknowledge and reward your contributions, and how this applies to STEM fields.
  • 27:39 How men can become more aware of some of the habits that do get in women’s ways.
  • 29:13 The importance of honest and solicited feedback in an organization.
  • 31:31 The Lightning Round

Expert Bio

Sally Helgesen has been named by Forbes as the world’s premier expert on women’s leadership and by Leadership Excellence magazine as one of the top 50 authorities on leadership in organizations. For the last thirty years, she has helped women leaders around the world to recognize, articulate and act on their greatest strengths and worked with organizations seeking to build more inclusive cultures.

Sally discusses topics from her most recent book, How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion, or Job, co-authored with #1 ranked executive coach Marshall Goldsmith, examines the behaviors most likely to get in the way of successful women. It became the top-selling title in its field within a week of publication.

Sally brings a global perspective, having delivered leadership programs for clients around the world including Chevron, Google, IBM, BHP Billiton Melbourne, Mellon Bank, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, The World Bank, The West Point Military Academy, Roschier LLP Helsinki, ING Amsterdam, HP Asia Pacific, The Distributed Education Network Oslo, and the Women’s Leadership Forum of Kuala Lumpur. She has consulted with the United Nations Development Program on building more inclusive country offices in Africa and Asia, led seminars at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and been visiting scholar at Northwestern University, U-Nordic Stockholm, and the Lauriston Institute AU. A contributing editor to Strategy+Business magazine and a member of the International Women’s Forum, Sally Helgesen lives in Chatham NY.

For more information, visit Sally’s website.

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