68: Bouncing Back – Interview with Donna Marie Thompson

Founder of Bouncing Back Now

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How Donna bounced back from losing her mother, her fiancé, her home and her retirement funds.
  • The 5 E’s that will provide you with a map to bounce back from loss.
  • A few of the unexpected benefits of writing a book for an expert looking to break into a larger arena.
  • The key to overcoming the shame of loss.
  • A surprising distinction between a life or business loss and the feeling of grief.
  • Important things NOT to say when someone you care about is bouncing back from loss.

Expert Bio

Donna Marie Thompson, PhD conquered simultaneous losses in four key areas of her life and is committed to sharing the valuable survival tips she has discovered. She is the founder of Bouncing Back Now, a self help community where people can share their story with others who have faced losses, hardships, and obstacles, and she is also the developer of The 5 Es to Recovery Program, which gives people who are experiencing adversity and loss the tools they need to bounce back.

For more information, visit her Bouncing Back Now website.

Contact Info for Donna Marie Thompson

Web address: www.BouncingBackNow.com

Book web address: www.BouncingBackFromLoss.com

Travels from: Washington, DC

Follow Donna Marie: linkedin

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