42: Zing Your Brand – Interview with Mary van de Wiel

Brand Anthropologist and CEO

New York, NY

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How a brand anthropologist operates.
  • How to use the question “Why do you do what you do?” to uncover important core answers.
  • What makes people “lean into” a web site when it is well-executed.
  • The missed opportunity of not thinking you’re a brand if you’re “less than Nike.”

Expert Bio

As Brand Anthropologist and CEO of Zing Your Brand, a NYC-based branding consultancy, laboratory and workspace for serious play, Mary van de Wiel [alias: Van] works with solopreneurs and corporate clients alike, pumping oxygen into suffocating brands to yield heightened marketplace visibility and unprecedented profits. Van is best known for her idiosyncratic views on the emotional clues that beckon online audiences to lean into their screens, hearts beating and eyes gleaming — or run away, screaming.

As a writer, producer & radio host, Van brings her fiercely individualistic perspective to NY Brand Lab Radio, as well as to her off-air training & networking portals, The NY Brand Lab and The Brand Reinvention Summit. She’s currently putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming book, Dead Brand Walking: A Brand Therapist’s Viewpoint.

In a former life, Van was the Founder, CEO and Executive Creative Director of an award-winning independent branding & design shop with offices in New York and Sydney. She’s led global brand campaigns for the launch of People Weekly magazine in Australia, the Macau International Airport in China, and the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, and has served as a business-building muse for Conde Nast Magazines, American Airlines, Sony, Sydney Opera House, Time Inc., News Corporation and The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.

For more information, visit Van’s website.

Contact Info for Mary van de Wiel

Business Phone: 718-909-1140

Web address: ZingYourBrand.com

Travels From: New York, NY

Follow Van: Twitter

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