Month: September 2014

87: Cross Cultural Selling – Featured Interview with Michael Soon Lee


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The secret to listening to your customers to meet their real needs, not what you assume they want/need
  • Three practical tips to avoid insulting prospective customers that many United States business people do automatically and unintentionally
  • Some of the key cultural differences used in negotiating
  • A subspecialty of the medical industry that is very entrepreneurial
  • What to do instead of ignoring someone’s culture to build a genuine bond and relationship

Michael Soon Lee talks with Bill Ringle about embracing the multicultural market and building long-lasting, profitable relationships with your customers.

86: Nanovation – Featured Interview with Jackie Freiberg


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How leadership is really about relationships unfolding
  • What organizations do to make strategy part of their culture
  • How to recognize and avoid “Dead Person Working” syndrome
  • What leading companies do to invest in their people
  • How to use feedback as a gift for growth rather than as a destructive tool

Jackie Freiberg talks with Bill Ringle about what it really takes to create a culture of leadership and initiative.

85: Get Along – Interview with Arnold Sanow


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How a marketing director for the marine corps became a nationally known communications expert.
  • What to do when your business “moment of truth” arrives.
  • The importance of being observant and what to pay attention to in order to effectively connect in business.

Arnold Sanow talks with Bill Ringle about the factors that tip business interactions in your favor.

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