Month: August 2014

84: Simpler Living – Featured Interview with Jeff Davidson


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How our culture steals our breathing space – and what we can do about it individually
  • The simple cure for a scattered workday
  • The truth behind the multitasking myth
  • How to get others to support you in your work
  • The hidden psychological driver that makes people reluctant to “unplug” and the related productivity and health costs
  • Tips for managing your energy as you organize your life for better balance

Jeff Davidson talks with Bill Ringle about breathing space – what it is and how to create more of it in your business and personal life.

83: Innovation, Courage, Connection – Interview with Jason Howell


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The formula you can use to make your contribution.
  • Why Walmart was interested in Patriotic Contribution for its employees.
  • Historical examples of how individuals band together to make a difference.
  • How innovation, courage, and connection combine to create the environment for you to leave your legacy.
  • Other creative ways you can leave your legacy.

Jason Howell talks with Bill Ringle about how professionals of all ages can contribute to their families, community, and country using patriotic development.

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