83: Innovation, Courage, Connection – Interview with Jason Howell

Jason Howell

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Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The formula you can use to make your contribution.
  • Why Walmart was interested in Patriotic Contribution for its employees.
  • Historical examples of how individuals band together to make a difference.
  • How innovation, courage, and connection combine to create the environment for you to leave your legacy.
  • Other creative ways you can leave your legacy.

Expert Bio

Jason Howell is the founder of the Jason Howell Company, a consulting firm that teaches people how to create a legacy of success for themselves and others. He is committed to the principle he calls Patriotic Development, which envisions a world where people identify progress in their business life as a civic duty as well as a human necessity. It is a concept that redefines the traditional values associated with patriotism (bold action, innovation and a sense of connectedness) as business imperatives. He shares his ideas with a broad audience through his audiobook, titled America: Still the Land of Opportunity, Always a Home for the Brave.

Jason is also President of Accenture Toastmasters in Reston, VA.  In October of 2010 he became President of the Washington, DC chapter of ALPFA, an organization invested in enriching the lives of Latino professionals across the country. For more information, visit Jason’s website.

Contact Info for Jason Howell

Business Name: Jason Howell Company

Business Phone: 703-867-2387

Email: jason@jasonhowell.com

Web address: JasonHowell.com

Travels From: Washington, D.C.

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