National Publicity Summit VIP Welcome

Susana Healy
Tim Shurr
Lynn Guerin

Mitzi Perdue
Steven Mays
Paul Hellman

Mary Giueffi
Lee Jenkins
  • We welcome submissions of candidates who have a published book on Amazon (or at least finished galleys) with a message that is relevant to our audience of small business leaders.

    To determine whether we have a good fit for being on the show, we check for these important criteria:

    PLEASE HAVE THESE DETAILS HANDY before proceeding.

    Is is NOT necessary to have an exceptional presence in EVERY ONE of these 3 areas to be considered.

    However, if you have a weak rating in each of these areas, it is probably not worthwhile continuing until you have stronger experience and credentials.

    Participating in further training, such as Quantum Leap, will accelerate your journey to getting higher quality media attention.

    It is not a matter of judging your book or professional experience, but a matter of good fit with our audience and previous guests.

    Ready to proceed?

  • Do not proceed to the calendar until reviewed.

Insiders Circle Members – Select your April business growth topic.

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