How to Make Your LinkedIn Video Clip Go Viral


I want hundreds of people to learn about your book, your speaking, your consulting, and my podcast through this video clip.

If you do your part, I will do mine to help make this happen. Working together can make this effort a success rather than a dud.

Success formula

Reach is a function of quality responses within the first 30 minutes.
Then your content gets a higher ratings boost in the LinkedIn algorithm.

Key Points – Within 30 Minutes

  1. Watch the video with the volume on and click the “like” icon. Yes, it seems simple, but those two actions send a signal to the algorithm and make a significant difference in reach.

  2. Add a comment that is more than 6 words. Tagging the author helps. Adding a perspective or a story that others will relate to helps even more!
    1. Weak:
      Thanks for the interview.
    2. Strong:
      Wow, what an interesting point you selected from our interview. Thanks so much, @BillRingle.
      One thing I’ve learned since we spoke that is related to this is…

  3. Ask your connections to join in the discussion. Ask at least 3 other people in your network to watch the video and add share a response.

    Here is a message to copy, personalize, and share:
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