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What Ajit George Learned from Hosting over 421 TEDx Speakers

Today I want you to learn from Ajit George and his experience with running TEDx Wilmington, specifically how the 621+ TEDx presentations he’s overseen have shaped and improved his life.

As of September 2018, TEDx Wilmington talks have received over 6 million YouTube views. Wow!

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Did you know that it takes more than 50 hours of rehearsal to give a great 12-18 minute TED talk? Neither did I!

On this episode of My Quest for the Best, we’re sharing this great interview with TEDx Wilmington organizer Ajit George, who is sharing great tips about what it means to give a great TED talk.

Ajit George

In addition to his expertise on giving world-class TED talks, Ajit tells about how working with TEDx Wilmington has helped his coaching style, especially in terms of how it made him a better listener.

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You can keep up with Ajit George and TEDx Wilmington by checking out their website or subscribing to their YouTube Channel.

NOTE: If you happen to be in the greater Philadelphia area on Thursday, September 27, you have a chance to attend a TEDx live. I’ve attended TEDx Wilmington events in the past and hope to see you at this one!

Now What, a TEDx Wilmington event, September 27, 2018

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