Unicornomics – Interview with Damion Lupo

Bestselling Author, Host of Transformation Nation

Bill Ringle and Damion Lupo discuss…
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Expert Bio

Best Selling Author in personal finance and money thinking, host of the Transformation Nation podcast, owner of 30+ companies and founder of his own martial art – Yokido ® Damion outrightly rejects regret and speaks to it as the ultimate life failure. He has a unique approach to living a full-filled life by breaking rules and making more mistakes, faster, than the competition – his key to success.

Playing by a different set of rules, he even bought his first rental house with a VISA, a move that snowballed into owning 150 rental houses in 7 states in less than 5 years. In 2008 he lost the entire $20 million but recreated his wealth and reinvented his life over 4 transformational years.

Today he leads 3 global companies with one unified mission – to Free People from Money Bondage.

For more about Damion Lupo, visit his website.

Contact Info for Damion Lupo

Web address: www.damionlupo.com

Travels from: Phoenix, AZ



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