Think Differently about Subscription Models with Anne Janzer

Today I want you to learn from Anne Janzer, who’s showing us how a subscription model can be the right choice for every business.

She walks us through how business can make the transition from a traditional model to a business model and argues that leaders in every kind of business – with a bit of patience and tinkering – can create one that works well for their company.

What it comes down to is, instead of focusing on transactions, in a subscription model, the focus in on relationships.

[pullquote align=”normal”]““The fundamental shift that I think we need to make when we think about selling things one-off versus selling a subscription to something is this: a subscription sale isn’t a one-time transaction, it’s actually the beginning of a relationship.” [/pullquote]

On this episode of My Quest for the Best we’re sharing this interview with Anne, who’s teaching us how to think differently about subscription models. 

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In this interview, Anne not only discusses how subscription models work, and how to adapt them to your needs but also what it takes to build relationships with customers within this model.

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You can keep up with Anne Janzer and her work by following her on Twitter or checking out her website. 

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