Episode 196: The Prosperous Leader - Interview with Jacob M Engel - My Quest for the Best

Episode 196: The Prosperous Leader – Interview with Jacob M Engel

Founder of Yeda LLC

Bill Ringle and Jacob M Engel discuss key skills and traits for the Prosperous Leader.
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Top 5 Highlights from this Interview 
  • Jacob backed into the realization that business owners needed coaching and support after he was asked by his community to offer them some guidance during the financial crisis.
  • Jacob’s father’s 10 Commandments of good business
  • Smartphones are often used to isolate and distract ourselves, rather than connecting and communicating.
  • Why it’s important to be proactive, rather than reactive, about your business
  • How to set more ambitious goals

Interview Insights

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1:41 How Jacob’s father, a Holocaust survivor, became an entrepreneur and inspired Jacob when he was young. – “He was extremely charitable.”

3:53 Jacob’s father’s 10 commandments of good business – “Never confuse efforts for results.”

4:27 “Know what you stand for and know what you won’t stand for.”

4:57 “I realized I wasn’t really in the spice business, I was in the people business.”

5:11 “Building your organization is all about bringing in the right people.”

6:13 “Family businesses are notorious for many different things, among them it’s very difficult to keep the second or third generation going.”

6:52 How the financial crash of 2008 affected Jacob’s business prospects.

7:38 ‘If I suggest something and people aren’t interested, I do it myself.”

8:01 “I think it’s a well-known thing that people are continually distracted. Technology is a huge distractor if we don’t create boundaries to our distractions.”

10:31 How Jacob was able to coach a woman whose distractibility was getting in the way of her effectiveness.

10:56 “She needed to learn to spend a good part of her day being proactive about things rather than reactive.”

12:14 “You want your people to stretch, you want people to think outside of the box.”

12:30 “If you encourage mitigated risk, and you encourage people to make that leap and really think outside of the box, and be ambitious, you never know.”

13:14 The 3 part evaluation Jacob uses with his clients.

13:49 “Oftentimes entrepreneurs want to be the voice around the table.”

14:42 My Quest for the Best Lightning Round

15:29 “I’m very focused on having impact.”

19:39 “When I talk about prosperity and the definition of prosperity, it’s about character.”

Expert Bio

Jacob’s leadership and training organization, Yeda LLC (Yeda” in Hebrew means knowledge), founded in 2010, gives seminars and courses to entrepreneurs and business owners. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners succeed in their businesses. His mission is to empower leaders and managers by giving them the knowledge to change and helping them implement those changes in their organizations.

Jacob is a Certified Myers Briggs evaluator, Certified 7 Habits for highly effective people facilitator, Certified Positive Psychology coach. He has trained with Roy Cammarano, author and consultant, on his Entrepreneurial Transitions theory.

Previously Jacob was the COO of a 200MM family food and real estate enterprise. Jacob is the author of The Prosperous Leader – How Smart People Achieve Success. 

For more about Jacob M Engel, visit his website.

Contact Info for Jacob M Engel

Web address: www.theprosperousleader.com

Travels from: Monsey, NY


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Resources Mentioned or Authored by Jacob Engel:

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