208: The Flow State – Interview with Dashama - My Quest for the Best

208: The Flow State – Interview with Dashama

Dashama - Speaker, Author, and Yoga Teacher

Dashama and Bill Ringle discuss how she was able to create a global following by making well crafted videos to build a worldwide community. 

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Top Take-Aways from this Interview

  • How Dashama’s humanitarian nature and difficult upbringing led her to create a worldwide community.
  • Dashama was one of the early YouTube channels and used good timing and content to build a wide viewership of over a million followers.
  • The benefits of using yoga to improve mind, body, and soul. 
  • How using video can be such a critical tool for your brand because of how it can add value to your client’s lives. 

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Expert Bio 

As a United Nations speaker, Random House author, and digital media star Dashama’s message has inspired hundreds of millions of viewers through her global media partnerships with Broadband TV, ATT Uverse and QVC.

She has spoken at Sony Picture Studios, University of Virginia, the Illinois State Senate, and collaborated with Harvard and Warwick University in England for research to show how her unique method of teaching can help people access the flow state of consciousness for greater well being, creativity, success and happiness.

For more about Dashama, visit her website.

Contact Info for Dashama

Web address: www.dashama.com

Travels from: Hawaii

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