195: The Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership - Interview with Fabi Preslar - My Quest for the Best

195: The Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership – Interview with Fabi Preslar

President of SPARK Publications

Bill Ringle and Fabi Preslar discuss several F-words that are germane to guiding, enlightening, and enriching the business owner’s journey.
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Top 5 Highlights from this Interview 
  • Why books are not the “money makers” of a business plan.

  • How authors working with SPARK Publications have used a book to build their platform successfully.

  •  How to recognize what your audience wants from you.

  • The fabulous F-Words of Business Ownership – so much more than you expect!

  • The questions entrepreneurs stuck in a rut should be asking themselves.

Interview Insights

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2:03 How Fabi’s dad inspired her when she was growing up.

3:03 “I moved to Charlotte at 17 and started my life, and that was a very independent journey.”

4:29 “I love having these amazing clients and people who come into our business and our circle that have great stories to tell and those stories are stories that can really impact and build platforms for other people.”

5:06 “The building of the platform comes when they are able to start establishing a tribe, an audience, and they are able to share information through books or their programs.”

5:30 “That’s what I call building a platform, it’s taking what you know and being able to put it out there in a much bigger, better way.”

7:15 How a cancer survivor used a book to build her platform.

8:15 “It needed to stand apart. It needed to be able to speak more directly to the audiences that it was speaking to. So in order to do that, you need to have a really good marketable book.”

8:59 “They’re not mass market books, they could become that way, but that’s not our goal.”

11:13 How a “yes” when it should’ve been a “no” during a business deal ended very badly for one SparkPublications author, and how she was able to eventually turn all of that around for good.

13:32 “Sometimes you think you have a great message and sometimes you think you have a good audience to speak to, but you’re not really clear on what they want from you.”

14:26 “We establish peer reviews for our authors.”

15:33 “Someone who thinks they can do a book for $1200 is not someone with the same focus as what we’re looking for.”

15:48 “We really focus on the success of the book, and the success of the goal that the client has for the book.”

16:59 “I could not have gone through this just to keep all this great knowledge to myself.”

18:40 What inspired Fabi to write the book. – “I came into this world as an F word.”

19:24 “I became obsessed with finding fabulous F words for everything.”

19:58 “Fog is just that blanket of overwhelm that’s caused by a lack of knowledge or outright fear.”

21:23 “What do your desk and counter space look like?”

21:52 Lightning Round

Expert Bio

Fabi Preslar is the owner and president of SPARK Publications, a national, award-winning, custom design firm specializing in niche magazines and independently published books. Her firm’s publications enhance credibility and distinction – enabling individuals and organizations to thrive and excel.  Preslar was named 2017 Woman Business Owner of the Year by the National Association of Women Business Owners – Charlotte Chapter, and the firm was honored as the 2018 First-Generation Family Business of the Year by the Charlotte Business Journal.

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