Team Well and Prosper with Janice Presser

Today I want you to gain new nuggets of wisdom from world-respected Teamability® expert Janice Presser, who has pretty much written the guidebook for how teamwork actually makes the dream work.

She also told us that the real reason people leave their jobs isn’t because of the work they do, it’s because of the people they work with. This made me skeptical, because people leave jobs all the time because the work is boring, right? Turns out, that’s not really the case at all! So many people stay with companies not because of the work they do, but because of the people they work with.


Naturally, I asked her to elaborate on this, and she wowed me with stories about the significance of team chemistry, role respect, and making sure everyone on your team has a place at the table.

This week on My Quest for the Best, we’re sharing our synergy-themed interview with Janice Presser, who is teaching us how to truly team well and prosper.

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Even if you do most of your projects solo, this interview is packed full of insights about how to generally play well with others and how to interpret team dynamics for your benefit.

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Here’s to great teaming!

Bill Ringle, Host and executive producer of My Quest for the Best, a top 50 business podcast on iTunes.

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