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The 4-Step Process on How to Be a Successful Quitter – Interview with Dr. Stanley G. Robertson

The Quit Doctor

Bill Ringle and Dr. Stanley G. Robertson discuss…
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Expert Bio

People who quit are often ridiculed and shamed and “quit” has become a dirty word. But without the ability to quit, it is impossible to achieve success. No one knows this better than Dr. Stan. He has achieved great success by quitting. He quit being a Senior Tax Accountant to become a Corporate Controller. He quit being a Corporate Controller to become a Deputy Director. Then he quit being a Deputy Director to become a Chief Financial Officer. Dr. Stan holds a Bachelor’s Degree, a Law Degree, and a Doctorate Degree. He has become know as “The Quit Doctor” because of his relentless determination to heal the world of the stigma and shame associated with the concept of quitting. He is the author of the book Quit: The Last Principle of Success. He is also a coach, trainer and speaker.

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