Shift Ahead and Outsmart Your Problems with Allen Adamson

Today I want you to learn from Allen Adamson, author of Shift Ahead, who’s convinced that the way to stay relevant in a rapidly changing marketplace is as simple as taking the time to listen to your customers.

It may seem obvious, but it works! What’s more, he thinks that it’s absolutely essential that in order to be remembered, you need to make your brand into an experience – something that your customers will remember and want to tell their friends about.

[pullquote align=”normal”]“Everyone can provide a little extra to make their customers’ experience really unexpected. If it’s unexpected people will share it.”[/pullquote]

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Turning your brand into an experience is something that takes time and energy, but in today’s market, it’s absolutely worth it. People are developing brand loyalty because of their connection to the experience, not just because of the product itself.

On this episode of My Quest for the Best we’re sharing this motivational interview with Allen Adamson, who’s showing us how small business owners can shift ahead and outsmart the problems that might limit, restrict, or confine the growth of their business.

Do you already have an exemplary rapport with your customers? Allen also gives us insights on marketing to new customers how to become more social media savvy.

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You can keep up with Allen Adamson and his work with Metaforce by following him on Twitter or checking out his website. 


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