Recognizing Dangerous Character Traits with Nicole Kelly, M.D.

Today I want you to learn from Nicole Kelly M.D., whose story of warning and of refusal to accept being a victim despite being bullied and swindled out of more than $800K by an employee can guide us all. It exposes the dangers of people who think differently than we do, and how we, as the empathetic majority, can interact with these people to protect ourselves and better our world.

In this episode, Nicole teaches us the differences between psychopaths, sociopaths, and sexopaths and gives examples of some of the red flags so we can begin to recognize these patterns with people we have both business and personal relationships with.

[pullquote align=”normal”]”I’m hoping for the empathetic majority to understand there are people unlike us, all around us, and how we interact with them has to be different in order to change our world.”[/pullquote]

On this episode of My Quest for the Best we’re sharing this interview with Nicole Kelly, M.D., who’s teaching us how to recognize the charming cheaters in our lives.

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In this interview, Nicole not only grants insight into certain dangerous characteristics in those around us but also shines a light on what the empathetic majority can do to avoid being taken advantage of.

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You can keep up with Nicole Kelly, M.D. and her work by following her on Twitter or checking out her website. 

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