96: Take the Stairs – Featured Interview with Rory Vaden

rory vaden

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The paradox principle, in which easy short-term choices lead to difficult long-term consequences.
  • Why balance is not something that high performers make a top priority.
  • What to focus on to have great fitness, great relationships, and great finances.
  • The perspective of peace as a form of wealth that is undervalued in society.
  • Daily habits that lead to high focus and productivity.

Rory Vaden talks with Bill Ringle about key principles for succeeding in business and in life described in Take the Stairs.

95: For Better or for Work – Featured Interview with Meg Hirshberg

meg hirschberg

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How telling the truth makes you feel less alone, and that being a founder is lonely journey at times
  • That business, like marriages, goes through distinct phases
  • Your partner or spouse really wants to know how you are feeling, not just the “good” or “great” response you give to your colleagues and team
  • Being authentic about every aspect of the journey together is critical to the success of both the business and the relationship

Meg Hirshberg talks with Bill Ringle about navigating the challenges of building a business while making a marriage (with children) successful.

94: Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling – Featured Interview with Sam Richter

sam richter

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How information gives you a competitive advantage with your own confidence.
  • Tips and tricks for accessing specific sites and finding important file types online.
  • Where to go to access exclusive and very expensive database resources at no charge.
  • The importance of recognizing and developing your skills with both the art and science of online research.

Sam Richter talks with Bill Ringle about overcoming the excuses to taking advantage of the rich resources for business relationship development available on the Internet.

92: Why the Future of Business is Sharing: Featured Interview with Lisa Gansky

lisa gansky

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How successful companies are built on incredibly talented, committed people
  • An early insight about how the Internet would level the playing field led to forming a startup acquired by AOL
  • Implications of how technology advances have lowered the barriers to entry dramatically
  • Where to find entrepreneurs creating new ideas and companies in major cities
  • Where on the balance sheet many companies can find underutilized and undervalued assets
  • How the meshing.it database became the foundation for both the book as well as an open source resource
  • Clues and tips for finding life-work balance

Lisa Gansky talks with Bill Ringle about the profound implications “meshing” will have on business and society.

91: Disciplined Dreaming – Featured Interview with Josh Linkner

josh linkner

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How creativity is the new currency of success
  • The most exciting news about creativity (hint: it’s something we can all tap within ourselves)
  • What one corporation did to encourage calculated risk-taking among all employees
  • What creating an arch enemy does for boosting creativity at all levels in a company
  • A novel technique for overcoming timid ideas in brainstorming sessions

Josh Linkner talks with Bill Ringle about the need to re-awaken and develop our creative abilities no matter what role or industry you serve to propel growth and innovation.


89: “Will Your Passion Endure?” – Featured Interview with Barbara Corcoran


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • What skills and personality traits angel investors want entrepreneurs to have
  • How investing in an entrepreneur is like hiring a great sales person
  • What luck does and what the person must do to capitalize on any lucky break
  • The one characteristic that has no substitute in business (or in life)
  • What women entrepreneurs in particular need more of to stand out and be successful

Barbara Corcoran talks with Bill Ringle about her mindset and models for success, as well as behind-the-scenes Shark Tank secrets.

dev patnaik

88: Wired for Care – Featured Interview with Dev Patnaik

dev patnaik

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How his first job unlocked new ways of thinking about design
  • What most businesses miss in terms of making strategy pay off
  • Why the learner’s mindset matters more than most realize
  • Components of an innovative work culture
  • Why Target refers to its customers as “Guests”

Dev Patnaik talks with Bill Ringle about turning ambiguity into opportuntity for his clients.

87: Cross Cultural Selling – Featured Interview with Michael Soon Lee


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The secret to listening to your customers to meet their real needs, not what you assume they want/need
  • Three practical tips to avoid insulting prospective customers that many United States business people do automatically and unintentionally
  • Some of the key cultural differences used in negotiating
  • A subspecialty of the medical industry that is very entrepreneurial
  • What to do instead of ignoring someone’s culture to build a genuine bond and relationship

Michael Soon Lee talks with Bill Ringle about embracing the multicultural market and building long-lasting, profitable relationships with your customers.

86: Nanovation – Featured Interview with Jackie Freiberg


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How leadership is really about relationships unfolding
  • What organizations do to make strategy part of their culture
  • How to recognize and avoid “Dead Person Working” syndrome
  • What leading companies do to invest in their people
  • How to use feedback as a gift for growth rather than as a destructive tool

Jackie Freiberg talks with Bill Ringle about what it really takes to create a culture of leadership and initiative.

85: Get Along – Interview with Arnold Sanow


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How a marketing director for the marine corps became a nationally known communications expert.
  • What to do when your business “moment of truth” arrives.
  • The importance of being observant and what to pay attention to in order to effectively connect in business.

Arnold Sanow talks with Bill Ringle about the factors that tip business interactions in your favor.

84: Simpler Living – Featured Interview with Jeff Davidson


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How our culture steals our breathing space – and what we can do about it individually
  • The simple cure for a scattered workday
  • The truth behind the multitasking myth
  • How to get others to support you in your work
  • The hidden psychological driver that makes people reluctant to “unplug” and the related productivity and health costs
  • Tips for managing your energy as you organize your life for better balance

Jeff Davidson talks with Bill Ringle about breathing space – what it is and how to create more of it in your business and personal life.

83: Innovation, Courage, Connection – Interview with Jason Howell


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The formula you can use to make your contribution.
  • Why Walmart was interested in Patriotic Contribution for its employees.
  • Historical examples of how individuals band together to make a difference.
  • How innovation, courage, and connection combine to create the environment for you to leave your legacy.
  • Other creative ways you can leave your legacy.

Jason Howell talks with Bill Ringle about how professionals of all ages can contribute to their families, community, and country using patriotic development.

82: The Simple Elegance of Shibumi: Featured Interview with Matthew May


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How Matt’s career took off with the publication of his book.
  • How the refinement of a loom design factors into Toyota’s heritage and culture.
  • What shibumi means for business leaders.
  • How to combat crippling complexity in organizations.

Matthew E. May talks with Bill Ringle about innovation and the ability to achieve the maximum results with the minimum means.

81: Creativity is for Everyone – Featured Interview with Lisa Bodell

lisa bodell

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The reality behind how innovation occurs in business.
  • What makes leadership harder than it has to be for some.
  • The importance of mindset in approaching solutions.
  • How you can unlock creative energy in your company by killing stupid rules.

Lisa Bodell talks with Bill Ringle about insights gained from leading innovation initiatives in major companies around the world.

tamara gerlach

79: Cultivating Radiance – Featured Interview with Tamara Gerlach


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How to take yourself lightly and your business seriously
  • The rapid business boost a successful book can provide
  • What interviews and focused networking can do for your business growth


Tamara Gerlach talks with Bill Ringle about connecting with our inner radiance and sharing it with the world in a big way.

brian reich

78: Maintaining Networks of Knowledge – Featured Interview with Brian Reich

brian reich

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Qualities of a successful info strategist and how that can help your business
  • The importance of avoiding the shiny object syndrome
  • The big challenges on which we can be focusing our talents and technology to improve quality of life now and in the future
  • The key to tackling challenging problems
  • Tips you can use to avoid information overwhelm

Brian Reich talks with Bill Ringle about perspectives from an info strategist that can help your business grow.

scott klososky

76: The Shifting Marketplace – Featured Interview with Scott Klososky

scott klososky

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How a dyslexic boss showed how to find a willing market and build a business from the ground up
  • What it took to sell to larger companies as a startup
  • Mistakes made and lessons learned from overly ambitious business expansion
  • What CEOs need to know now about leadership skills in the age of digital marketing and social media 

Scott Klososky talks with Bill Ringle about practices for becoming a smarter business leader using technology and your core strengths.


74: Idea Haus – Interview with Kevin Popovic


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The evolution of a business based on fitting a passion and skillset into an eager marketplace through video and event production.
  • Secrets behind the vital sequence of developing the strategy, plan, executing, and then measuring the results.
  • Insights behind the scenes with satellite marketing.
  • How Kevin leveraged his video interviews to build a powerful brand and bottom line success for his clients.

Kevin Popović talks with Bill Ringle about a comprehensive approch to succesful marketing.

nathan kievman

73: Linked Strategies – Featured Interview with Nate Kievman


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Some of the standards you must clear to be considered a thought leader
  • The power of saying “no” to opportunities and how it helps you grow your business
  • What “platform maturity” allows you as an expert to do to serve even a larger customer base
  • How to convey trust, authority, and credibility using your LinkedIn profile
  • Emerging trends with LinkedIn that will allow businesses to build a larger platform in even less time than before

Nathan Kievman talks with Bill Ringle about growing a business and a brand based on the business social media network, LinkedIn.

72: S-O-S Principle – Interview with Beverly Beuermann-King

beverly beuermann king

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Tips for dealing with work-life balance
  • The SOS Principle as a long-term solution
  • Why focusing on the awesomeness around us helps bring about change with less resistance
  • A question that helps you and your team be more creative problem solvers

Beverly Beuermann-King talks with Bill Ringle about approaches that influence teams and organizations beyond the “flavor of the month.”

sally helgesen

70: The Female Vision – Interview with Sally Helgesen


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How senior leaders are looking to use women’s leadership more strategically.
  • How technology allows customers and prospective employees to evaluate the opportunities for doing business with your organization.
  • What a leading Scandinavian law firm changed in their business to allow people to make a greater contribution.
  • The connection between diversity, openness to change, extraordinary customer experience, and the future of business.

Sally Helgesen talks with Bill Ringle about how companies are responding to the demands of their clients for more diverse and responsive leadership.


68: Bouncing Back – Interview with Donna Marie Thompson


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How Donna bounced back from losing her mother, her fiancé, her home and her retirement funds.
  • The 5 E’s that will provide you with a map to bounce back from loss.
  • A few of the unexpected benefits of writing a book for an expert looking to break into a larger arena.
  • The key to overcoming the shame of loss.
  • A surprising distinction between a life or business loss and the feeling of grief.
  • Important things NOT to say when someone you care about is bouncing back from loss.

Donna Marie Thompson talks with Bill Ringle about bouncing back from loss.

scott belsky

67: Making Ideas Happen – Featured Interview with Scott Belsky


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How Scott completed his creative project, the book Making Things Happen.
  • How to create a live event program with a waiting list of hundreds of creative professionals.
  • How Scott busted the top 5 myths about how to make creative ideas really happen.

Scott Belsky talks with Bill Ringle about the truth behind empowering creative professionals to make ideas happen.

john bernard

66: Business at the Speed of Now – Interview with John Bernard


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Why corporations hire consultants and how the best consultants serve organizations.
  • The 3 Gears of NOW Management.
  • What skews the perspective for organizational leaders.
  • The critical implications of adapting to the shift from a work culture of mass production to one of mass customization.

John Bernard talks with Bill Ringle about NOW Management and its implications for improved performance.

lenora billings-harris

65: Trail Blazers – Interview with Lenora Billings-Harris

lenora billings harris

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How to bridge gaps created by perception
  • Reminders of being your best by being who you authentically are
  • The importance of attending to your verbal and non-verbal messages and micromessages that you send
  • Examples of reaching out to emerging markets in a way that’s not (unintentionally) condescending
  • A technique for raising your awareness of what it feels like to be a minority so you can become a better leader

Lenora Billings-Harris talks with Bill Ringle about building self-esteem and building a successful career as a minority woman.


64: RubySpeaks – Interview with Ruby Newell-Legner


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Ruby’s journey from swim coach to trainer of world-class companies, organizations, and associations, such as the Olympics, US Open, and the Superbowl.
  • The loyalty and retention trend impacting many industries in the recovering economy.
  • What premium suite ticket holders really value.
  • Why organizations that treat their staff well have happier customers.
  • How staff can inadvertently upset a customer by using the wrong word that is a near-universal hot button.
  • The two-step process Zappos uses to define job criteria to ensure good hires.

Ruby Newell-Legner talks with Bill Ringle about loyalty and retention trends in the hospitality and tourism industries and beyond.


62: The Reactor Factor – Interview with Marsha Petrie Sue


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The TLC of Choice
  • How many people have mental terrorism going on in their own heads
  • What to do instead of trying to change others to suit your purposes
  • A philosophy of giving that helps Marsha contribute on such a big scale to her customers and clients and friends

Marsha Petrie Sue talks with Bill Ringle about using personal accountability as a competitive advantage in business and in your personal life.

terry hawkins

61: People in Progress – Interview with Terry Hawkins

terry hawkins

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How getting new business can often be an indirect process, fueled by enthusiastic outreach
  • The benefit of focusing on improving the client’s situation
  • Using cartoon characters Pitman and Stickman to explain change to business teams
  • What happens to groups where the incentive system is out of synch with the company values
  • How effective business growth starts with effective hiring

Terry Hawkins talks with Bill Ringle about being a positive inflluence in organizations.

rick mathieson

59: The On Demand Brand – Interview with Rick Mathieson


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How Rick reached Tom Peters and formed the basis of a professional mentorship and friendship.
  • What the sustaining energy is that keeps people engaged and “in the conversation” both online and off line.
  • Contrasting examples of a company that bombed with their online effort and several that hit home runs.
  • The law of transparency online that allows even the smallest pizza shop to use these largely no-charge tools to build a fan base.

Rick Mathieson talks with Bill Ringle about the interesting journey from writer to digital marketing author and expert.

libby gill

58: Get Yourself Unstuck a Featured Interview with Libby Gill


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The one behavior to change that so many business people get trapped by
  • How two clients with similar backgrounds and challenges but drastically different results inspired You Unstuck
  • The differences in risk perception between business owners and business workers
  • What steps were taken to improve visibility through keynote speaking
  • The vital importance of delegating (and what idea to adopt to master this area)

Libby Gill talks with Bill Ringle about getting unstuck and moving in a postiive, productive, and authentic direction.

jim cathcart

57: The Acorn Principle – Interview with Jim Cathcart


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How a single decision helped Jim break through to a much more fullfilling and rewarding life.
  • What it means to create effective and profitable business relationships.
  • Steps to discovering your own potential.

Jim Cathcart talks with Bill Ringle about life lessons that lead to success in business and beyond.

ginny clarke

56: Career Mapping – Interview with Ginny Clarke


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How to adjust to the change from working in a corporate environment to launching a business.
  • The new world of work and what skills both companies and business owners will need to hone to succeed.
  • Three techniques that Ginny has used to differentiate her business in a crowded industry.

Ginny Clarke talks with Bill Ringle about taking one’s own advice to chart a career with greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

marshawn evans

55: Skirts in the Boardroom – Interview with Marshawn Evans


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • What propelled and inspired Marshawn to excel in each phase of her career.
  • That in order to prosper, you have to share the authentic essence of who you are, not a copy of somebody else.
  • How to start to discover and articulate your purpose in life.

Marshawn Evans talks with Bill Ringle about the importance of creating our own economy to thrive in the larger economy.

kit grant

54: Customer Service, Who Really Cares? – Interview with Kit Grant


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The primary reasons that keep people from taking responsibility
  • How every choice has a consequence
  • What it means when everyone on a team is engaged personally in the mission
  • The importance of the leader setting the tone for the team or business 

Kit Grant talks with Bill Ringle about personal responsibility and initiative as foundations of strong teams and organizations.


51: The Consulting Bible – Interview with Alan Weiss


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The best times to ask for a business referral, and how to lay the groundwork for receiving one.
  • Specific language to use to get good referrals and great prospects, and why that’s important.
  • What other options you can offer a buyer who is satisfied with the value you’ve added.
  • How Alan used referrals to personally invite Marshall Goldsmith and David Maister as presenters at his Thought Leadership conference.
  • The importance of community for professional and personal growth.

Alan Weiss talks with Bill Ringle about the attitudes and behaviors that lead to success through referrals and thought leadership.

roberta matuson

50: Suddenly in Charge – Interview with Roberta Matuson


Listen to this interview to learn:

    • How living on her own without any “safety net” sparked the success imperative
    • What companies need to be thinking about as the economy improves in terms of hiring and retention
    • What leaders have been doing to do more with fewer resources
    • Why it is critical to get to the true source of employee dissatisfaction and how to approach the solution

      Roberta Matuson talks with Bill Ringle about creating exceptional workplaces where people can create extraordinary results.

      tim connor

      49: Soft Sell – Interview with Tim Connor

      tim connor

      Listen to this interview to learn:

      • The difference between a calling and a career
      • Tim’s favorite 3 questions for helping executives focus on needed change
      • Why the fear of failure is one of the most costly indulgences for business leaders
      • What is the litmus test for whether someone in business is fully engaged or not

      Tim Connor talks with Bill Ringle about the different facets that make up the “new normal” for business leaders.


      48: The Responsible Business – Interview with Carol Sanford


      Listen to this interview to learn:

      • How an early mentor introduced Carol to people, organizations, and systems that have nurtured a 30-year work plan.
      • The most important thing for a company that is embracing sustainability to keep in mind.
      • A reality about different ends of the organizational hierarchy that all businesses should understand.
      • What Internet transparancy is doing to shape how leaders communicate.

      Carol Sanford talks with Bill Ringle about integrating sustainable thinking, planning, and actions in large corporate projects.

      ron karr

      47: Lead, Sell, or Get Out – Interview with Ron Karr


      Listen to this interview to learn:

      • What dire family situation led Ron to start his career path.
      • The McKinsey study that shares a startling finding about providing value to the customer.
      • How to let customers have a sample of your value to build a business relationship.
      • The incredibly simple and powerful tactic of envisioning what you want to have happen in business and in your life.
      • How to create new opportunities rather than simply compete for existing ones.

      Ron Karr talks with Bill Ringle about preparing, positioning, differentiating, and succeeding at sales in the turbulent economy.

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