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This page contains all the details you need for your interview, including the dial-in information for our telephone bridge line. There’s also a form below that gives you an easy way to get us the information we need from you in order to make your interview experience as smooth as possible for you (and to give it the wide visibility it deserves).

If you have any questions, please email us at scheduling[at]myquestforthebest[dot]com.

Interview details:

At the time of the interview, dial in to our bridge line at 712-432-3066, code 797553#.

For the quality of the recording, we highly recommend calling from a landline rather than a mobile phone. If another interview is finishing up, please stay on the line. Your line will be muted until Bill checks in with you.

If you need to reach us directly on the morning of the interview because of any technical difficulties, please don’t hesistate to call the office at 610-626-0175.

Structure and Audience

Bill’s guiding principle for these interviews is to have a brief conversation (20-30 minutes, generally) that gives his guests a chance to share their experiences and expertise and entice prospective buyers want to learn more about them, whether those buyers be corporate executives hiring a consultant, meeting planners hiring a speaker/facilitator, or individuals seeking the next great coach, book, product, or service. Our reach is the 9,000+ end-user range, and growing month to month. Other media follow the series and reach out to exceptional guests for additional exposure.

Bill will focus the interview questions on your observations, examples, and principles as an expert in your field. If you have a new book or project coming out, he will want to help you get exposure for that, of course; please be sure to share any relevant background materials with us.


Following the interview, we provide simple-to-use templates for promoting the interview through your website and social media channels. We also post a permanent profile page of each guest that includes links to your website, blog, and contact information, which adds immediate value and visibility. We select exceptional interviews to feature on the My Quest for the Best website and to receive additional promotion, including a widely distributed press release.


Step 1:

Please send us a hard copy or PDF of the book or product you feel most represents your current work. We will use this in preparing for and in publicizing your interview. PDFs can be emailed to scheduling[at]myquestforthebest[dot]com. Hard copies can be sent to us at:

Bill Ringle, My Quest for the Best
491 Baltimore Pike, Suite 209
Springfield, PA 19064  USA

Step 2:

For your own preparation, here are some of the questions Bill regularly asks. (There’s no need to answer these in advance.) We also encourage you to send several questions of your own to us that will help Bill get to the heart of your expertise (use the form below).

  1. Tell me how you got started in your business or current career.
  2. Describe your ideal client.
  3. What problem do you solve for them?
  4. Give a recent example of success one of your clients had from working with you.
  5. What trends are you noticing from your conversations with other business leaders?
  6. What’s a common misunderstanding or myth that people outside your industry have and what’s the reality behind it?
  7. In the evolution of your business, what’s a milestone that you look back on and recognize that this particular engagement, project, or decision you made helped you make it to the next level? [might be a first big client, a new hire, a move to a new office, your first radio interview, book, etc.]
  8. What are 2-3 things you do daily to stay on track?

Step 3:

Please fill out this form so we have all the information we need to best publicize your interview and to make your experience on My Quest for the Best as smooth as possible.

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About Bill Ringle:

Bill Ringle is the CEO of LearnWell, Inc., a strategic advisor to other CEOs, founder of the Rapid Rise Business Academy, and host of the My Quest for the Best expert interview series. Bill is a nationally known speaker who presents keynotes and seminars on the proven practices of sustainable business growth to associations and business groups. He chaired MADV, an angel investment group that helped over 200 emerging high tech businesses get funding. Over 425 of his articles have been published in eNewsletters, web sites, and professional journals, and he has contributed to or authored four published books. When he is not inspiring and educating business leaders, he enjoys playing competitive tennis and traveling with his family.

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