Make Your WOM Unforgettable with Joe Calloway

Today, I want you to hear from Joe Calloway, who turned a blunder into a win-win bonanza! He is a mastermind when it comes to the powers of WOM, that is, word of mouth, and insists that positive WOM can transform your business in the same way once you embrace this tool.

But does positive word of mouth really make THAT much of a difference? Yes! And it didn’t take Joe Calloway long to convince me that the biggest force behind being magnetic isn’t your brand, your personality, or your product – it’s your positive word of mouth. Really!

So I asked him to share with us exactly how we can turn our positive business experiences into our own personal success stories.

In this episode of My Quest for the Best, we’re sharing our insight-packed interview with Magnetic Author Joe Calloway, who is revealing just what it takes to make you, and your business, unforgettable.

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If you’re not quite certain how to generate buzz around your brand and what you do, to create that positive WOM, then THIS is the interview for you.

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Bill Ringle, Host and executive producer of My Quest for the Best, a top 50 business podcast on iTunes.

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