LinkedIN LIFT Program and Community

The LinkedIN LIFT Program and Community is designed to accomplish these objectives:

  1. Clarify. Gain clarity on your target audience who wants the result (or outcome) of what you are offering and can easily afford it. With this info, you will be able to create a targeted list.
  2. Create. Design irresistible content to begin to engage and interact with ideal prospects on LinkedIn. Learn the differences between interaction expectations with other social media channels.
  3. Prepare. Set up the mechanics of your destination (typically your website) so that you can accomplish 2 important objectives: to know who responded and to follow-up appropriately.
  4. Outreach. Validate and measure the response by inviting your target audience (a subset of your connections) to benefit from the content.
  5. Optimize. Based on the market feedback and actions of a meaningful sample size of your ideal prospects, we can make changes to improve key metrics such as open rate, click through rate, call scheduling, and offer completion.

    Upon completion, you will have a proven workflow for gaining business with LinkedIn, and tangible results you can not only be proud of but repeat over and over.

Bonus 1. Automate. Once you have the correct steps performing, then and only then will you raise the stakes by automating the most labor intensive, time-consuming aspects of the process.

Bonus 2. We will also cover how to boost your positioning on LinkedIn.
This is the Elevate step that will shorten your sales cycle and support your claim of expertise.

The inaugural cohort begins January 2022. I hope you decide to experience these benefits in your visibility and revenue for your business.

What You Get

  • 10 Weekly Interactive Calls with Bill. The calls will be recorded and available to you in your portal.
  • Assignments will be introduced and you will be supported to complete key steps within a 2-week sprint, which many of my students appreciate and prefer to a 1-week learn-do-evaluate cycle.
  • Video Tips with step-by-step instructions on how to better position and convert your expertise into new and bigger business.
  • Hot Seat opportunities – where you can role play situations and get real time feedback.
  • Supportive Community of other accomplished thought leaders to give you their perspectives, support, and accountability as you advance.

Bonus 1: Sign up by December 23 and get a free video review of your LinkedIn profile focused on greater alignment between your ideal client and your offer.

Bonus 2: Inaugural cohort members signing up in December get to repeat the program at no charge anytime in the next year.

p.s. You are in luck! The size of this cohort will enable you to get more personalized attention than at any other time it will be offered.

Join the LinkedIN LIFT Program and Community

Important: the program fee is listed as $2,000. Be sure to use your “insider code” to get the special pricing as part of the inaugural cohort.

Have 3 things ready:

  1. Your insider code: LIFTC1
  2. Your credit card or PayPal login.
  3. Your email.

That’s it, you’re ready.

Go ahead and click the button below.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

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