Hi, Bill Ringle, here.

For decades, I’ve been obsessed with helping entrepreneurs and small business leaders succeed.

I’ve written 4 books, consulted with the leaders of over hundreds companies across the United States in more than 51 different industries, and started this podcast, My Quest for the Best, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times by listeners around the world.

What I’ve noticed with promoting the episodes on social media – particularly LinkedIn – is that the network sharing algorithms don’t work in favor of quality content alone.

I bet you have seen this as well when you post a link to a great piece of content like an interview, article, or even a video and instead of getting thousands of views, it may only get a few dozen… or fewer, even though you know that the quality is great and it would be helpful to your target market if you could just reach them. (That is, if the damn algorithm would just cooperate!)

Because this was a problem that annoyed me, I dug in. Knowing that the payoff for solving it was big also helped.

I wanted to crack the nut and find out how to get on the sharing algorithm working for me instead of against me. After months of research using multiple accounts and testing the ideas that reverse-engineering revealed, I have exciting news to share.

Next month I am launching LINKEDIN LIFT, an online course and community to help recognized and emerging experts get greater visibility on LinkedIn — to dramatically increase your visibility, influence, and positioning so that you can more easily translate your expertise into profitable business.

Join me and you will learn how to:

  • Develop a strategy to increase your visibility and positioning as an expert thought leader, without having to work any harder
  • Leverage your credibility and experience by working with the momentum, rather than being left on the side or worse, being out positioned by people with less experience than you
  • Master the process to convert prospect interest into paid engagements that make sales a no-brainer
  • And much more…

To develop the program, I’m looking for a small group of people to help me test it.


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