Trust your mentor, stay situationally aware, and always do the right thing with guest expert Mark Brouker

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  • Excellent podcast for all entrepreneurs!by Ltdeb from United States.
  • Great show with knowledgeable guests and a talented host. Really enjoy listening to the content as it always inspires me to grow my business even more.
  • Excellent Podcast !!! by Missymarieax from United States After listening to three and a half episodes I’m a lifetime subscriber sir! Thank you for everything you’ve done we all appreciate it! . Thank you Bill Ringle!
  • Awesome podcast to be a better managerby LauraMore from United States. Thanks so much! I love that in this last episode you help me understand the people I work with every day and to influence them to achieve our goals in a better way. Thanks again!
  • Mind Setby Dave4syth from United States. i love d having a great mindset and getting over you fear. Great advice for small business owners.
  • Golden nuggets for the small business ownerby SurvivalDad from United States. As a small business owner for the last 15 years, Bill’s podcast really speaks to me. The “personality types” episode just tooled me up to better relate and motivate my own employees. Thank you!
  • Nice Variety of Business Perspectivesby Macstephen1 from United States. Bill asks the right questions to extract gold from his amazing guests. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or a sales professional, this show is for you!
  • Fantastic Podcast!by Thinking Big Coaching from United States. Every once in a while I stumble across a great podcast, and this is one of those.
  • Yes Best Podcast and only one I listen toby Leigh Browni from United States. I love everything about this podcast. It’s all I listen to when I am in my car. I get inspired, challenged and educated. I am a 47 year old entrepreneur and only wish I starting listening earlier. I highly recommend you start listening and follow Bill Ringle across other platforms.
  • Awesome top podcast!by @Mentally_Strong from United States. Such practical tools and interviews. Thank you Bill, I will keep tuning each week!
  • Highly Recommendby Bruce at Mindfulness Mode from Canada. Interviews with amazing people who have been there and done that. Let Bill Ringle be your business coach with a huge amount of incredible content right here.

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