Have Fierce Conversations with Susan Scott

Today I want you to learn from author of Fierce Leadership and Fierce Conversations, Susan Scott, who is an advocate for “putting on a scuba tank” to dive deeper and have more meaningful conversations. She just isn’t interested in what lives on the surface, she believes that the secret to strong connection takes a bit more effort to access.

But delving deeper into how we truly think and feel isn’t easy! What if what we say is rejected by those in leadership? What if my employees aren’t invested in what the myself and the management team has to express? Susan would rebuff this by explaining that by sticking to the status quo and never taking the risk to be vulnerable, honest, and fierce in your meetings and conversations, you are never going to get anywhere.


On today’s episode of My Quest for the Best, we’re sharing this fierce interview with Susan Scott, who’s challenging us to create cultures of candor where honesty is valued more than saving face.

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Have you already fostered a culture of candor in your organization? Are you an employee who feels comfortable speaking up in meetings because you know that your perspective will be valued? Well, in this interview you will also learn management tips that don’t quite fit the mold, especially when dealing with situations where not everyone agrees with you.

Click here to listen to this interview on ITUNES.

Susan’s books, Fierce Conversations and Fierce Leadership, are available on Amazon and you can follow Susan’s company Fierce, Inc. on Twitter (@fierce_inc).


Bill Ringle, Host and executive producer of My Quest for the Best, a top 50 business podcast on iTunes.

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