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Welcome to published experts who have a message, lesson, or experience to share with small business founders and managers with 20-200 employees, primarily based in the US and Canada.

Also a warm welcome to your publicity agent and/or marketing team members who may visit here on your behalf.


Apply to be a Guest

Begin by entering your (or your client’s) contact info so we can research your book, your other interviews, and social media following to make sure of a good fit with our show and audience.

Read the instructions and then
click this link to begin!

Select a Date

On the page immediately following your contact info submission, you will see our online calendar. Please select a date and time for your interview that is available on your schedule.

Doing so places a HOLD on our calendar, which we will confirm or decline once we have reviewed your online presence and book.

Again, this is a TENTATIVE HOLD, subject to a review of your book and online presence.

Send a Review Copy

After you’ve shared your contact info and selected a tentative date, please send a copy of your book for review.

Here are 3 options:

  1. Send via PDF.
  2. Send a Kindle copy via Amazon.
  3. Send a hard copy.

You just have to choose just one in order to share the review copy of your book.

Please see below in the footer of this (or any) web page for our mailing address.

Watch for Our Response

We will be in touch with details within two (2) business days of having your materials.

During this time we check to make sure that we have a strong fit between our audiences, message, and online presence.

We review your website, your Amazon reviews, all your social media channels, as well as other interviews you’ve given on podcasts or on YouTube. If we find that your experience and presence are a good fit, we will confirm your appointment and send the links to join for your interview.

In the meantime, check out our Featured episodes to get an idea of the show format and guest interactions.

Thanks so much!

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