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  • Selection Criteria

    We welcome submissions of candidates who have a published book on Amazon (or at least finished galleys) who have a message that is relevant to our audience of small business leaders.

    To determine whether we have a good fit for being on the show, we check for primary criteria:

    1. That your book is available for sale on Amazon and has quality reviews (well-written, highly rated, on point for our audience).
    2. Social media following and recent activity on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
    3. Your primary web site engages in list-building and that you have an established page for media appearances.

    PLEASE HAVE THESE DETAILS HANDY before proceeding.

    Is is NOT necessary to have an exceptional presence in EVERY ONE of these 3 areas to be considered.

    However, if you have a poor rating in each of these areas, it is probably not worthwhile continuing until you have stronger credentials.

    It is not a matter of judging your book or professional experience, but a matter of good fit with our audience and previous guests.


  • I have read and understood the selection criteria and am eager to proceed.
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