Get in the Value Creation Zone with Thomas Barta

Today I want you to learn from Thomas Barta, a former McKinsey partner who has trained CMO’s and marketing specialists around the world to get in the value creation zone by adjusting their language and making customer focus their top priority. His advice? Cut it out with all the marketing lingo, and for the love of increased revenue, stop using the word “Bingo.”

Thomas told me that there’s this big disparity between c-suite executives and CMO’s, claiming that c-suite execs, for the most part, don’t think that marketing has ANY real value. I was shocked! Turns out that the buzzword-rich language marketers speak is actually causing them to lose credibility with the c-suite, and making their efforts appear as cost rather than revenue.

What a notion! But the crazy part is that it’s true.

Today on My Quest for the Best, we’re sharing our revenue with the poignant Thomas Barta, who explains why you should save your marketing speech for the marketers.  

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Are you a marketer already on good terms with c-suite executives? Well, this interview is also jam-packed with other bits of wisdom that you don’t want to miss out on, including: leadership insights, customer delight tips, and how to tell stories that give people hope.

Click here to listen to this interview on ITUNES.


Bill Ringle, 
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