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Today I want you to learn from small business marketing guru Anita Campbell, who left her career in the corporate world to try her hand at being an entrepreneur. And she didn’t just try, she succeeded. She’s the founder, CEO, and publisher at Small Business Trends and the co-author of Visual Marketing, a powerhouse volume jam-packed with low cost easy-to-apply marketing tips.

“We’re very busy.” Campbell explains, “Our brains are fried from all of the other things we have to worry about and get done in a day. Even if we have some outside marketing help, we’re rolling up our sleeves and helping our outside marketing agency or consultant. And we have to think up new ideas and that’s very tough.”

On today’s episode of My Quest for the Best, we’re sharing this in-depth interview with Anita Campbell, who’s laying some of these tried and tested tips at our feet. We would be amiss not to pick them up and use them.

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In addition to her discussion of small business trends, Anita also describes in this interview some insights for publishers, and not just small business leaders. She explains how to heavily curate content so that your site remains a useful resource for your audience.

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Anita Campbell’s book, Visual Marketing, is available on Amazon and you can follow Small Business Trends on Twitter, or keep up with happenings on the Small Business Trends Website.

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