Find the Flow State with Dashama

Today I want you to learn from Dashama, who has built a global following by making inspirational yoga-based videos which have been viewed by millions. Her unique upbringing, positive outlook, and dedication to bringing yoga to the masses through her well-produced videos is inspirational.

Video production is such an extraordinary tool for the building of a brand, and Dashama’s success in building her global community is such a strong example of this.

[pullquote align=”normal”]”It took a lot of courage to go the route that I went, to create communities”[/pullquote]

On this episode of My Quest for the Best we’re sharing this interview with Dashama, who’s teaching us how, with a bit of courage and determination, we can follow the path of our dreams. 

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In this interview, Dashama also teaches us about the sources of happiness, explaining that it’s not something which develops from external inputs but from within.

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You can keep up with Dashama and her work by following her on Twitter or checking out her website. 

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