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Welcome to the Bonus Page for National Publicity Summit Participants

I’m Bill Ringle, host of my Quest for the Best, the podcast for ambitious small business leaders.

My Quest for the Best (MQ4B) is a top 5% podcast worldwide podcast, in competition with over 2,500,000 podcasts on Apple iTunes, and besting the 450,000 podcasts that are actively publishing regularly. This podcast was born at a Quantum Leap mastermind in 2011.

As an alumni of the National Publicity Summit, Quantum Leap, and other programs run by Bill and Steve Harrison, I wanted to share additional tips to help you prepare for and land publicity to advance your business through your expertise.

Here are my special tips for getting booked on this podcast or others based on more than 400 published interviews and listening to 2x as many pitches. 

  • Is this your audience?
    When you were writing your book, who did you imagine reading it and benefiting from what you shared?

    If you want to reach a small business audience, this podcast is a great fit.

    If you want to reach a health and wellness audience, say, you would have better success with shows focused on that audience.  Go to the iTunes listing for podcasts and you can search the top podcasts by category.

    You can tell a bit from the title and tagline of a podcast, but you should listen to an episode or two to make sure it meshes with the audience you serve.
  • What value are you bringing to listeners?
    This is the precedent to writing a good hook to capture people’s attention because it answers the natural next question:

    What will you do once you have people’s attention?
    • Do you have a coaching program?
    • An online course?
    • Better yet, a special offer for listener

  • Is this the right stage for your publicity experience?
    MQ4B is the platform for experienced interviewees.  
    Listen to an episode or two. With at least 10 other interviews under your belt, you will be much better prepared to answer questions with specific examples, case studies, statistics, and stories.
  • Are you ready to co-market the interview?
    Great because if you have published a book, already, you know how LITTLE effort a publisher typically puts into marketing your book. Podcasters are different because we want to partner with guests to serve a common and overlapping audience. We publish your interview so it can be enjoyed by those who already subscribe to the podcast, then my team and I go a bit farther.

    My approach is to add links to your website and social media to your dedicated expert interview page. We send a special eNewsletter to our list detailing your expertise, book, and highlights of your interview.
  • Want to know a secret way of getting a podcaster’s attention?
    Leave a review before you apply. Every podcast host I know reads reviews left on iTunes.

    Each of us pays attention to different things, but for a potential guest, it is often a more direct way to begin to get name familiarity than even a direct email.

    When we see your name on a review, we are interested in who you are and what you have to say.
  • Is your book ready?
    For this podcast, we look for a book available on Amazon with at least 50 positive reviews.

    That means you have to have your book posted to Amazon and put in some work asking your fans and followers to leave a review. Anyone can get 25 reviews by reaching out to clients, friends, and family.

    Pro tip: When your mother leaves a review, she deserves to be excited and boast about your talent, make sure she does not ‘gush’ about how proud she is of you on the public Amazon review.

If you have other questions related to being a great podcast guest, connect with me on LinkedIn or feel free to contact us here.

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