Chris Clearfield Teaches how to Avoid Business Meltdowns

Today I want you to learn from Chris Clearfield, who is discussing the remarkable simplicity that can avert catastrophic business disasters. He asks the question, “Why do some organizations do a great job of making decisions in really complex environments and managing risk and others do not?”

The answer, developing a new perspective.

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Chris explains, 

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Chris Clearfield”]It’s not about figuring out what hatch to close, it’s about developing a different perspective and saying: ‘Oh, these things might interact in a way that causes a big problem.'[/pullquote]

It’s about seeing the problem from a different angle.

On today’s episode of My Quest for the Best, we’re sharing this perspective-shifting interview with Chris Clearfield, who is showing us how to meet risks head-on.

Chris isn’t just fascinated by how corporations make decisions in complex environments, he’s also got a lot to say about how interconnectedness in an organization can make a difference for the overall performance of the team.

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You can follow Chris Clearfield on Twitter [@ChrisClearfield] and find out more about his work with on his website.


Bill Ringle

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