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Stimulating awareness and need, then finding ways to fulfill the promise efficiently.

153: Make the Most of Your Strengths – Featured Interview with Stefan Swanepoel


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • Marketing secrets from a prolific, bestselling author.
  • How he designed his book to have wide appeal through social media and traditional channels.
  • Lessons about becoming comfortable with who you are and making the most of your strengths in business and in life.

Stefan Swanepoel talks with Bill Ringle about using our innate strengths to overcome challenges in business and in life.

142: Focus on WOM – Featured Interview with Joe Calloway

Joe Calloway, author of Magnetic, talks with Bill Ringle about being intentional about attracting new business and satisfying your existing customers.

Key points that you’ll learn from this interview:

The importance of committing to make every business experience to be a positive one for all involved
How to get more positive WOM (word of mouth)
The single most important strategic asset for many companies and how it relates to your relationship with your customers.
What he said to correct a misunderstanding, even when it came at significant out-of-pocket expense to replace 600 of the wrong title books sent to the meeting planner

139: SNAP Selling – Featured Interview with Jill Konrath


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • That successful sales work is a learnable skill set, not an innate trait.
  • Practical steps to set up meetings with key decision makers.
  • How proper sales training led to a morale boost in a client company.
  • What SNAP selling means.
  • How certain assumptions help you in sales, rather than hurt you.

Jill Konrath talks with Bill Ringle about proven methods for reaching decision makers in a tough economy through SNAP selling.

128: What’s Your Big Idea? – Featured Interview with Mark Levy


Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How one consultant’s business went from earning from about $1800 to over $ 100,000 each month.

  • Where Mark learned to differentiate products

  • The single most important thing a business can do to have others seek them out for business.

  • What one consultant did to become #2 best-selling author on 800-CEO-Read.

  • How Jerry Garcia compares the Grateful Dead to licorice to help him think about marketing.

  • The “mentoring perspective” and how it helps stripe away generalizations and hyperbole.

  • What free writing can do for your business.

  • The importance of immersing yourself in reading.

Mark Levy talks with Bill Ringle about the dramatic difference effective positioning makes for a consultant, professional firm, or thought leader.

123: Staying on the Bleeding Edge – Featured Interview with Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How when you help brands stay on the leading edge, you often have to stay on the bleeding edge
  • Changes that are occuring between the pure play ad agencies vs. the digital agencies
  • Impact of reaching customers when they have many choices of screens, from desktop to iPad/tablet to mobile
  • Fundamental tenets of customer engagement that still guide online marketing strategies
  • What Walmart did differently to engage customers around a Mother’s Day campaign led by Twist Image

Mitch Joel talks with Bill Ringle about how brands use technology to form and develop direct relationships with customers.

Doug Conant2

116: Turning the Coin Over – Featured Interview with Doug Conant

Doug Conant2

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How getting fired can lead to new and better opportunities
  • What it means to “turn the coin over” when presented with a problem
  • The two top qualities of mind that set exceptional leaders apart from well-intentioned leaders
  • How you can use the criteria to win in the marketplace in your own business
  • What resulted from combining the social agenda with the value agenda at Cambell’s Soup for employees and other stakeholders

Doug Conant talks with Bill Ringle about proven leadership principles that apply across the board, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

112: Silent Language of Leaders – Interview with Carol Goman

Carol Goman

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The two channels of non-verbal communication that we want leaders to use 
  • Gender differences and how they impact non-verbal leadership signals
  • Cultural views of time and tips on how to be respectful when traveling abroad
  • How emotions are common across cultures, but what can be shared, displayed, or shown differs
  • What makes our brains default to negative interpretations of any news under certain circumstances

Carol Goman talks with Bill Ringle about the silent language of leaders that each of us can speak more fluently.

110: Digital Convergence Marketing – Interview with Fred Catona

fred catona 

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The most memorable lesson he learned from Priceline founder, Jay Walker
  • Why having a message foundation is the critical step to get right for a marketer
  • How to leverage the speed and feedback advantages of direct response radio advertising
  • What role the trust agent plays in marketing for businesses that range from medical practices to travel, especially if you have a skeptial audience
  • What specific criteria you can use to decide if radio advertising can help you grow your business

Fred Catona talks with Bill Ringle about achieving large-scale success in business based on direct marketing principles and paying attention to what works. 

109: Selling Against the Goal – Featured Interview with Kendra Lee

kendra lee

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How to set criteria for overcoming your self-doubt
  • Who to ask for business advice (and who can’t give you helpful advice, even if more convenient)
  • Looking beyond cold calling for lead generation
  • How a $5 MM lab simulation company got out of their own way and doubled revenue
  • The big breakthrough for a $100 MM security company 
  • Why campaign success cannot be measured after a single event or e-mail, and how to really make it work

Kendra Lee talks with Bill Ringle about what happens to your business growth once you really start to believe in your talents and abilities.

108: Guerilla Selling – Featured Interview with Orvel Ray Wilson

orvel ray wilson

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How insisting on a meeting with a decision maker led to a great friendship and business partnership with Jay Levinson
  • What Red Bull did to break into the London bar scene
  • Economic trends that every business owner can use for growth
  • The business growth leverage opportunity in upgrading the skills of your team

Orvel Ray Wilson talks with Bill Ringle about Guerrilla Marketing and conquering overseas territories.

107: The Power of Unpopular – Interview with Erika Napoletano

erika napoletano

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The business mindset of caring about the success of your clients first
  • The perspective of major brands that don’t mind being unpopular with given market segments
  • The power of having your audience spread your message for greater impact and reach

Erika Napoletano talks with Bill Ringle about the uncommon advantages of being unpopular.

102: So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Featured Interview with Cal Newport

cal newport

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How “follow your passion” can be counterproductive advice
  • The value and necessity of systematic practice to developing deep skills
  • The two prime characteristics of the most marketable skills
  • Why “mission” creates meaning and opportunities for leverage if sequenced properly
  • That the solution to a mystery is not that complex, unless we oversimplify or overcomplicate it
  • Key steps to selling more than 120,000 copies of his first 3 books

Cal Newport talks with Bill Ringle about the underlying patterns of success in both business and academia.

nick sarillo

100: A Slice of the Pie – Featured Interview with Nick Sarillo

nick sarillo

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • The most important aspect of a business is not it’s product or people or process, but another “p” word
  • The importance of making your company values current and present to each employee so that employees can use values in day-to-day decision making
  • The case of the burned bottom pizza, and the broader lessons any business owner can draw from it
  • Why you need to oversee multiple health dimensions of a business for all stakeholders
  • What exceptional factors drives higher profits and lower turnover in a traditionally slim margin and low commitment business that you can model in your business

Nick Sarillo talks with Bill Ringle about creating an empowered work culture for small businesses.

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