Capture Your Power in Sales and Business – Interview with Mark Mirkovich

Coach, Speaker, Consultant, and Bestselling Author

Bill Ringle and Mark Mirkovich discuss…
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Expert Bio

Mark Mirkovich is an expert on creating the best mindset and routines for success in sales and business. As a former sales director for an international Fortune 500 company, he holds a unique first-hand experience in how to lead teams and individuals to recognize their power and capture their success. Mark left corporate America in late 2015 to pursue his passion of helping others find more fulfillment in their lives, both personally and professionally. He holds a certification in the Canfield Methodology for success and life coaching as well as a certification from the Barrett Values Center as a Cultural Transformation Tools practitioner. He owns and operates a number of businesses and also co-founded a non-profit organization which enables children to grow and find confidence through the arts. Today, he spends his time working with clients on finding new levels of success in whatever they do. Mark is a coach, speaker, consultant, best selling author, and recognized top performer. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife Julia and sons Jonah and Jett.

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