MQ4B Booster 23.5 Make a Decision and Keep the Change

Listen to these two tracks of booster content just for ambitious small business leaders.

Today on Track 1, I’d like to share with you how to win the battle between short-term satisfaction and long-term goals, excerpted from my friend Barry Moltz’s terrific book, Change Masters.

This is Track 2, where I want you to offer you an insight into my own change process.

Track 1

385: Start by cultivating a change culture with guest expert Barry Moltz

These distinctions can help you get out of a stuck state with your own work or they might be useful when meeting with a direct report or colleague.

  • Promotion vs. Prevention
  • Autonomy vs. Nonatutonomy
  • Mastery vs. Performance
  • What we want to do vs. What we are supposed to do

Track 2

I want you to offer you an insight into my own change process.

  • The most common obstacle to change occurs when I don’t make a clear commitment. Commitments are decisions, and decisions have consequences.
  • The next most common hurdle to my own personal change is when I neglect to connect my why.
  • The third biggest obstacle to change is when I fail to set my environment up for success. That might include a daily tracking system, adding reminders on my iPhone calendar, or making sure I have the resources needed to make the change easy and automatic, as James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, instructs.

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