MQ4B Booster 23.2 Making Positive Impressions

Listen to these two tracks of booster content just for ambitious small business leaders.

Track 1: A the behind-the-scenes look at the work that The Richardson Group (TRG), Chick-fil-A’s marketing agency, did to produce an outstanding tagline.

Track 2: Here is how to make your interactions with clients more positively memorable by responding better to the expression of appreciation.

Track 1

382: Brands fail when they do not listen to the customer enough with guest expert Steve Robinson

A lot of work goes into it. As you’ll understand, even in this very condensed version, that’ll be excerpting from Covert Cows and Chick-fil-A by the company’s first chief marketing officer, Steve Robinson, you’ll get some great value from it.

In the case of Chick-fil-A, a perspective client they were looking for a single idea around which to build a campaign. The most persuasive idea has 5 points.

  1. It capitalizes on the one advantage that no competitor can.
  2. It matches the brand’s character and culture.
  3. It’s unique.
  4. It’s endearing.
  5. It’s memorable.

Track 2

So how do you make this a positive interaction that adds to the business relationship?

Contrast asking for a water bottle at the front desk at a 3-star vs a 5-star hotel and you’ll understand the difference high standards and excellent training makes.

At a 3-star hotel, I might not even see someone behind the desk. The last time I asked while traveling to a client’s office and receiving a complimentary water bottle, I said, “thank you so much!” and got a shrug and an “OK” as a reply.

Both the interaction and the water bottle were lukewarm, and that experience dampened my relationship with the hotel — not just the individual, but with the brand.

At a 5-star hotel, everything about that same interaction has a different feel. I remember being in the DC Ritz Carlton and asking for a water bottle at the front desk on the way out to a morning walk.

Three people were staffing the desk, and the two who weren’t helping another guest looked at each and flashed an expression at each other like two ball kids at a professional tennis match who was going to compete to get the stray ball.

Justin handed me the chilled water bottle with two hands, smiled, looked me in the eye, and said, “My pleasure.”

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