MQ4B Booster 22.0 — Experienced managers cultivate 1+1=3 relationships

Listen to these two tracks of booster content just for ambitious small business leaders.

Track 1: Based on the interview of Rachel Pacheco, author of Bringing Up Boss. A favorite story that Rachel tells in her book, Bringing Up the Boss, is about seeing a woman walk her Staffordshire terrier on a South African beach while Rachel was on vacation. What does a dog walk have to do with managing more effectively? Listen to the story to find out!

Track 2: Weak Managers Don’t Give Responsibility. This creates more work for the manager. When the manager is doing the work of his direct reports, the manager’s work gets less attention and energy. 1 + 1 = 0.5. Experienced managers provide clear outcomes, tools and access to success, and check-ins and feedback to correct and teach the standard.

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