Become More Lazy with Michael Bungay Stanier

Today I would like for you to pick up some brilliant tidbits from Box of Crayons Founder, Michael Bungay Stanier, a man who wants you to be more lazy.

When he told me this, I figured that surely he must be joking. Laziness is proven to have a negative impact on your productivity, right? Well, not necessarily. According to Stanier, the best leaders don’t rush into action. Instead, they foster a culture of curiosity and let their direct reports increase their own capacity and their own potential.

Wow! Whoever thought that being lazy could make your team more productive?

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Are you already a master at taking a step back and letting your team do what they do best? This interview is also chock full of ideas about how to inspire, encourage, and motivate your team in ways that are both natural and effective.

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Enjoy your “down time!”

Bill Ringle, 
Host and executive producer of My Quest for the Best, a top 50 business podcast on iTunes.

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