Become Listener Directed with Jay Sullivan

Today I want you to learn from Jay Sullivan, the expert communicator who’s convinced that the secret to effective communication is to be less focused on yourself. How can you argue with that sort of wisdom?

You can’t. To communicate better, you need to listen more, because the only way to take the focus off of yourself, is to put the focus on the person or group you’re talking to. “People automatically think we’re going to teach them how to talk better and share information,” Jay says,” And in fact we spend most of our time teaching them how to listen.”

On today’s episode of My Quest for the Best, we’re sharing this connection-driven interview from Exec|Comm partner Jay Sullivan, who is telling us what it takes to reach our target audience.

And we’re listening.

Click here to listen to this interview on ITUNES.

Have you already reached communication Nirvana, the place where your ability to listen has created harmony in the workplace? Fantastic! But this interview also contains so much more. In here you’ll find tidbits about how to give effective feedback, diffuse potentially tricky anger-fueled situations, and much much more.

Click here to listen to this interview on ITUNES.

Jay Sullivan’s new book, Simply Said: Communicating Better at Work and Beyond, is available on Amazon and you can follow Jay’s company Exec|Comm on Twitter (@exec_comm). You can also read Jay’s articles on Forbes.

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