Become a Go-Giver Influencer with Bob Burg

Today I want you to learn from Bob Burg, who believes the most important thing to be in sales is a Go-Giver, a person who always looks to give value to others, because only by giving value to others will you be able to gain value for yourself. You have to become a Go-Giver, adjust your perspective, and then you’ll start seeing results.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the results speak for themselves!

[pullquote align=”normal”]”This is really the key: shifting your focus from getting to giving.”[/pullquote]

On this episode of My Quest for the Best we’re sharing this motivational interview with Bob Burg, who’s teaching us how to shift our focus from getting to giving, and truly become a Go-Giver. 

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In this interview, Bob also discusses how to attract the kinds of people who will help you reach your goals, and he doesn’t just mean clients, but also mentors.

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You can keep up with Bob Burg and his work by following him on Twitter or checking out his website. 


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