Have Bill Ringle as Your Guest

In 2021 Bill is dedicating time to appear on other podcasts for interviews.

He will gladly appear on audio-only as well as video podcasts.

Bill Ringle’s background gives him great stories to share on your show

  • Bill is the former Internet Program Manager for Worldwide Training at Apple, who has dedicated his professional career to accelerating profitable growth for leaders of small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Bill has led over 200 high-tech entrepreneurs through funding and as a result raised over $200 million for startup leaders in over a dozen industries.
  • Bill hosts My Quest for the Best, the podcast for the ambitious small business leader, which has released over 300 episodes and has over 100 positive reviews.
  • As a teacher and trainer, Bill makes his message appealing and inviting, rather than overwhelming and hard to achieve.
  • As a podcast host with over 300 episodes, you can listen to understand how much he likes to interact in a discussion.

What Bill would add to your Podcast:

Bill is working on a new book – his 5th – and would like to share a preview of the insights for you and your listeners on the topic of the myths and realities of leading a team through the phases of business growth and the changes that leaders need to make to avoid catastrophes and pitfalls.

His work fits with marketing, team building, leadership, engagement, management, mindset, and other related themes that your podcast listeners want to know more about.

Questions to Ask for a Great Discussion

Bill would love to discuss with you responses to questions such as the following.

  1. What are the 5 myths about small business growth that can hold leaders back from achieving the goals they have for their business and themselves?
  2. Can you describe the single biggest source of secret pain that founders, in particular, feel, based on your research? What are 3 elements of a business culture that are red flags that the managers are susceptible to burnout?
  3. What is an example of a business that has bucked the economic trends during the COVID lockdown?
  4. What lessons can small business leaders learn and apply in their own workplaces?
  5. What other trends have you observed during the pandemic lockdown that small and mid-sized business leaders should be aware of and get in front of to protect their business?

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