88: Wired for Care – Featured Interview with Dev Patnaik

CEO, Jump Associates

San Mateo, CA

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How his first job unlocked new ways of thinking about design
  • What most businesses miss in terms of making strategy pay off
  • Why the learner’s mindset matters more than most realize
  • Critical components of an innovative work culture
  • Why Target refers to its customers as “Guests”

Expert Bio

Dev Patnaik is the CEO and Managing Associate of Jump Associates, a hybrid strategy firm that’s built to tackle the kinds of persistent, highly ambiguous questions that keep great leaders up at night. He is a trusted advisor to senior executives at some of world’s most admired companies, including General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Target, and Hewlett-Packard.

When he’s not at Jump, Dev serves as an adjunct professor at Stanford University, where he teaches innovation methods to design and business school students. He is the author of Wired to Care, a critically acclaimed book about the connection between empathy and business growth. His articles on innovation and strategy have appeared in several leading publications, including BusinessWeek, Fast Company, and Brandweek. A frequent speaker at marketing, design and innovation forums, Dev was a featured guest on “The Business of Innovation,” a series on CNBC.

For more information, visit Dev’s website.

Contact Info for Dev Patnaik

Business Phone: 650-373-7200 (CA) or 212-392-5000 (NY)

Web address: JumpAssociates.com

Travels From: San Francisco, CA

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