79: Cultivating Radiance – Featured Interview with Tamara Gerlach

Founder, Cultivating Radiance

Tamara Gerlach talks to Bill Ringle on My Quest for the Best about networking, persistence, and what it means to cultivate radiance.

Top 3 Highlights from this Interview:

  • How to take yourself lightly and your business seriously
  • The rapid business boost a successful book can provide
  • What interviews and focused networking can do for your business growth
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2:28 Tamara has found that creating partnerships and collaborating have grown her business in the last six months.

4:09 These partnerships have been intuited through paying attention to the clues that others display when they want to work with Tamara.

7:17 A core part of Tamara’s business is referring to others’ works and networking.

8:57 Tamara finds self-care is essential to creating a sturdy foundation on which people can then help others: “People will take care of everyone and everything else, and put themselves last.”

10:30 Tamara gives an example of a ‘Radiance Makeover’: start with self-awareness and think of an aspect of your life you could be a bit more radiant, create a new story to see what else might be possible, then recalibrate and let your light out.

11:56 “It’s about turning up your lights. The new story is the beautiful, radiant ‘turn up your lights’ story, and you get to enthusiastically choose what you’re going to do with confidence, and wake up all your passion. Tell the story about the life you want to have, and then you start acting like that.”

14:21 One of the first shifts towards sustainable business practices was finding a mentor, who told Tamara that she was running a business, not just working a job, after she started her own gymnastics center.

16:07 Tamara identifies resiliency and persistence as key aspects for business owners to have in order to promote change by taking risks.

21:13 “Be more radiant; your life will be better!”


Expert Bio

Tamara Gerlach has taught, mentored, and coached thousands of people in creating freedom and Cultivating Radiance in their lives since 1982. She loves to create opportunities for others to deeply experience what they are learning, and to inspire others to become empowered by getting into action around changing their lives.

She began life and business coaching in 2001 after working with Rich Fettke for several years and seeing the impact coaches have on people and businesses. She obtained her training through the Coaches Training Institute, as well as completing Leadership training through Coactive Space. She has assisted the leaders of numerous coaching courses as well as a nine-month leadership course.

She is passionate about working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, parents, students, and anyone who wants to empower their life to achieve their goals.

For more information visit her website, TamaraGerlach.com.

Contact Info for Tamara Gerlach

Business Name: Cultivating Radiance

Business Phone: 925-864-2093

Web address: www.TamaraGerlach.com

Travels From: San Francisco, CA

Follow Tamara: Twitter

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